2007 Simulation Workshop

2007 Simulation Workshop

2007 INFORMS Simulation Society Workshop

Theme: Simulation for better decisions in an uncertain world

July 5-7, 2007 at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France

This workshop was co-sponsored by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0703665. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.


Workshop introduction: Organizing Committee

Plenary: Barry L. Nelson pdf 01 
Industrial strength COMPASS for optimization via simulation

Welcoming remarks by Frank Brown, Dean of INSEAD

H. Topaloglu and S. Kunnumkal pdf 02 
New stochastic approximation and approximate dynamic programming methods for revenue management problems 

J. R. Birge pdf 03 
Unattained convergence for sampling methods in large-scale optimization models and a remedy with batch means
R. Pasupathy and S. G. Henderson pdf 04 
An updated proposal for a testbed of simulation-optimization problems

Plenary: Lee W. Schruben pdf 05 
Modeling for analysis

Parallel Session 1:

M. Bureau, S. Dauzère-Pérès, C. Yugma and L. Vermariën pdf 06 
An original simulation approach for semiconductor manufacturing
O. Rose pdf 07 
Improving the accuracy of simple simulation models for complex production systems
J. W. Fowler, G. T. Mackulak, B.L. Nelson and B. Ankenman pdf 08 
Multi-product cycle time and throughput evaluation via simulation on demand

Parallel Session 2:

J. Branke and J. Gamer pdf 09 
Efficient sampling in interactive multi-criteria selection
C.-H. Chen, D. He, M. Fu and L. H. Lee pdf 10 
Efficient selecting an optimal subset for optimization under uncertainty
Y.L. Chai and P. W. Glynn pdf 11 
Monte Carlo optimization via random search


Plenary: Tony O’Hagan pdf 12 
Simulation and uncertainty

R. R. Barton pdf 13 
Presenting a fuller characterization of uncertainty: Can it be done?
J. P. C. Kleijnen pdf 14 
Risk analysis: Frequentists and Bayesians unite!
S. E. Chick and N. Gans pdf 15 
Should I bother to simulate? An economic approach to discrete optimization via simulation

Plenary: Paul R. Kleindorfer pdf 16 
Challenges in validating and implementing large-scale simulation models to inform strategic decision making

R. Cheng pdf 17 
DES as a real time decision making tool. An application to fire service emergency cover
C.-H. Chen-Ritzo, L. An, S. Buckley, P. Chowdhary, T. Ervolina, N. Lamba, Y. Lee, D. Subramanian pdf 18 
Pandemic business impact modeler
M. M. Gunal and M. Pidd pdf 19 
Moving from specific to generic: Generic modelling in health care
G. Zhao, P. Vakili and T. Borogovac pdf 20 
Structured database Monte Carlo (SDMC): A new efficient simulation strategy

Saturday July 7

Plenary: Paul Glasserman pdf 21 
Sensitivity estimation in financial engineering and risk management

L. J. Hong and G. Liu pdf 22 
Simulating probability sensitivities
H. Lan, B. L. Nelson and J. Staum pdf 23 
Two-level simulations for risk management
J. H. Blanchet, P. W. Glynn, P. L’Ecuyer, W. Sandmann and Bruno Tuffin pdf 24 
Asymptotic robustness of estimators in rare-event simulation

Closing remarks: Stewart Robinson

"Credit Value at Risk via Credit Scoring Models", by Sunti Tirapat and Seksan Kiatsupaibul.