WSC I-Sim Best Student Paper Awardees

2021 Awardees

The I-Sim best MS/OR-focused student paper is:

“Higher-Order Coverage Error Analysis for Batching and Sectioning" by Shengyi He (Columbia University) and Henry Lam (Columbia University).


2020 Awardees

The I-Sim best MS/OR-focused student paper is:

“Simulation Optimization by reusing past replications: don't be afraid of dependence" by Tianyi Liu (Georgia Tech), and Enlu Zhou (Georgia Tech).


2019 Awardee

The I-Sim best MS/OR-focused student paper is:

“Dynamic Congestion Pricing for Ridesourcing Traffic: A Simulation-Optimization Approach" by Qi Luo and Zhiyuan Huang (University of Michigan) and Henry Lam (Columbia University)

The winner is awarded $200 sponsored by I-Sim and ACM SIGSIM.


2018 Awardee

The I-Sim best MS/OR-focused student paper is:  “Green Simulation Optimization Using Likelihood Ratio Estimators” by David J. Eckman, Cornell University.

2016 Awardee

ASTRO-DF: Adaptive Sampling Trust-Region Optimization Algorithms, Heuristics, and Numerical Experience. Sara Shashaani, Susan Hunter, and Raghu Pasupathy (Purdue University)

2015 Awardee


Multi-Objective Simulation Optimization on Finite Sets: Optimal Allocation via Scalarization, Guy Feldman, Susan R. Hunter, and Raghu Pasupathy (Purdue University)


2014 Awardee

On Adaptive Sampling Rules for Stochastic Recursions, Fatemeh S. Hashemi (Virginia Tech), Soumyadip Ghosh (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center) and Raghu Pasupathy (Virginia Tech)

2013 Awardee

Applying a Splitting Technique to Estimate Electrical Grid Reliability. Wander Wadman, Daan Crommelin and Jason Frank (CWI Amsterdam)



2012 Awardee

A New Approach to Unbiased Estimation for SDE's , Chang-Han Rhee, and Peter W. Glynn, Stanford University


2011 Awardee

A Bayesian Approach to Stochastic Root Finding, Rolf Waeber, Peter I. Frazier and Shane G. Henderson, Cornell University


2010 Awardee

Model-based Evolutionary Optimization, Yongqiang Wang, Michael C. Fu, and Steven I. Marcus, University of Maryland, College Park 


2009 Awardee

Estimating Expected Shortfall with Stochastic Kriging, Ming Liu and Jeremy Staum, Northwestern University


2008 Awardee

Skart: A Skewness- and Autoreression-Adjusted Batch-Means Procedure for Simulation, Ali Tafazzoli (North Carolina State University), James R. Wilson, Emily K. Lada, and Natalie M. Steiger, 


2007 Awardee

Stochastic Trust Region Gradient-Free Method (STRONG) -A New RSM-based Algorithm for Simulation Optimization, Kuo-Hao Chang (Purdue University), L. Jeff Hong and Hong Wan


2006 Awardee

Modeling Tuberculosis In Areas Of High HIV Prevalence Using Discrete Event Simulation, Georgina R. Hughes (University of Southampton), Christine S.M. Currie ,and Elizabeth L. Corbett, Cornell University