October 2023, Hyatt Regency Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ
Theme: Data and Infrastructure to Support Modern OR

  • Thomas Abraham, Google Cloud: Building and Deploying AI Models at Scale
  • Heiko Pieper, Accenture: Supply Chain Analytics at Scale in the Automotive, Hi-Tech and Retail Industries


July 2023, Vintners Resort, Santa Rosa, CA
Theme: Generative Artificial Intelligence

  • Alexander Ratner, Snorkel AI: Solving the Last Mile Problem of Foundation Models with Data-Centric AI
  • Jorge Silva, SAS: The Many Faces of Generative AI
  • Nitin Aggarwal, San Jose State University: Impact of Generative Language Technologies on Academia and Industry - Navigating Ambivalence and Bridging the Workforce Gap
  • Seth Dobrin, Trustwise: Responsible AI

April 2023, Gaylord Rockies Resort, Aurora, CO
Theme: Company Overviews and State of the Market

  • Yan Xu, SAS: Operations Research at SAS
  • Jason Chen, Wayfair: Operations Research at Wayfair
  • Dasaradh Mallampati, BNSF Railway: Operations Research at BNSF Railway
  • Dayana Cope, Delta: Operations Research at Delta


October 2022, JW Marriott, Indianapolis, IN
Theme: Analytics Career Development

  • Ratna Chinnam, Wayne State University: Academic Programs for Industry
  • Lacey Mallory and Garrett van Ryzin, Amazon: How Customer Obsession Fuels Innovation, Collaboration and Career Development at Amazon
  • Brian Charles, Silver Lead Technologies: Academic Programs for Career Change
  • Anne Robinson, Kinaxis and Radhika Kulkarni, INFORMS President: Career Development for Women in Analytics/Tec

July 2022 - Harborside at Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina, Mount Pleasant, SC
Theme: Impact of Organizational Structure on Analytics Team Performance

  • Kermit Threatte, Shopify Logistics: Key Structural Organizational Elements Impacting Team Performance
  • Janine Kamath, Mayo Clinic International: Attrition to Attraction - Focus on the Human Domains
  • Alex Cosmas, McKinsey & Company: Scaling Analytics Organizations to Support the Enterprise
  • Erica Klampfl, Ford and Robin Lougee, Ascena: INFORMS Workshop


December 2021 - Virtual
Theme: Member Predictions about the New/Next Normal

“Here to stay,” and its oft-repeated cousin, “the new normal,” are two concepts that are making the rounds a lot these days, as consumers emerge from their living rooms and start rebuilding their lives on the other side of living under quarantine. We know the world is about to change in a big way, again, though how much and in what direction is still a matter of speculation as the great reopening continues. How much is here to stay remains to be seen.

Search the phrase “here to stay” in Google News. Among the range of concepts and trends that pundits expect to outlive the pandemic include bitcoin, dining and delivery, subscription services, remote or flexible work, QR codes, e-bikes, streaming in-theater movies at home, supply chain disruptions, staffing shortages, AI software-as-a-service, tele-everything, wildfires, virtual assistants and chatbots, and COVID-19.

November 2021 - Virtual
Theme: Mental Health and Well-Being

  • Tara Davis, American Psychological Association (APA): Creating a Psychologically Healthy (Virtual/Hybrid) Workplace
  • Cheryl Boglarsky, Human Synergistics, and Dale Hintz; Excellent CulturesAll for One, and One for All 
  • What Does the Roundtable Think? Best practices in HR, technology, methodology, etc.

September 2021 
Theme: Becoming Superhuman! Optimizing Productivity and Well-being in a Hybrid World 


Over the past 18 months, there has been a dramatic shift in the way teams and organizations work.  We are deeply grateful for each of you and humbled by your extraordinary leadership, commitment, and tenacity as you've steered your teams and companies through this uniquely turbulent moment in history.

As we look to the future of work, the 'new normal' for most organizations will be hybrid—in which employees work both remotely and from the office. This flexible model presents unique challenges as teams try to get the best of both worlds—the enhanced collaboration and creativity of in-person combined with the increased focus and autonomy of working remotely. Whether we like it or not, hybrid is going to rewire the operating models of most businesses over the next 12 months.

Facilitated by renowned UC Berkeley faculty partners, Dr. Sahar Yousef and Professor Lucas Miller, we aim to address how to fully leverage the opportunities in front of us and how to equip ourselves and our teams for success in this new way of working. 

July 2021
Theme: Feedback to INFORMS on CAP (Presentation)

  • Allen Butler, Daniel H. Wagner Associates, Inc.: Overview of the INFORMS Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) Program 
  • Allen Butler, Daniel H. Wagner Associates, Inc. and Taryn Lewis, INFORMS: Overview of INFORMS Analytics Career Pathways 

May 2021 - Virtual
Theme: Thinking Ahead Towards Automation and Its Impacts on People

  • Kate Darling, MIT: Keynote
  • Marty Schlenker, BNSF: Innovation and Automation - Broad Topics and Lessons from Railroading
  • Matt Wicks, Celestica: Experiences with Robotics
  • Randy MacGuffee, United Way of Tarrant County: Helping People and Families through Transitions

March 2021
Presentation: Leveraging Analytics to Manage Supply Chain Disruption 

Speaker: Anne Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer, Kinaxis


Supply chain planning can be challenging under the best of circumstances and even more difficult during disruptions. One of the keys to navigating such challenges is effectively leveraging a balance of analytics and human intuition for agile response. Agility is essential to absorb the volatility we cannot predict. Disruptions cause huge volatility, so we will discuss challenges and best practices observed during the current pandemic and the importance of analytics and agility in ensuring continued supply chain success.


December 2020 - Reflection on 2020

October 2020 - Virtual
Theme: "Roundtable Companies

  • Alex Marvin, BASF: BASF and Analytics
  • Gary Kinney, P&G: Analytics at P&G

August 2020 
Theme: Operations Research and Analytics at UPS

Speaker: Ranganath Nuggehalli, UPS


UPS, the first transportation company to embrace Operations Research, has been an ardent practitioner since 1950s. Operations Research and Analytics has been instrumental in transforming this 113 years old company, from a messenger company to the world’s largest logistics company today. In this presentation, Ranganath Nuggehalli, who has been at UPS for 30 years will discuss the evolution of Operations Research at UPS, and also the current organizational structure and some of the Operations Research and Analytics projects.

June 2020 
Theme: The Impact of COVID-19 on Member Companies and Our Individual Teams