October 1989, New York, NY

  • Management Science Techniques in Investment Management
  • Management Science in Financial Services at Merrill Lynch
  • Decision Sciences in Risk Management
  • The Effective Practice of OR in the UK
  • Presidential Issues: A Discussion with the TIMS President-Elect and the ORS President 
    • OR and IT Constructive Coexistence
    • Promoting OR to New Organizations
    • Recruitment of Quality OR Candidates
    • Graduate Curriculum Guidelines
    • Academic/Practitioner Interface


May 1989, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

  • Management Science Collaboration
  • Career Development for the Management Scientist
  • Meeting with TIMS Council 
    • TIMS Public Relations Program
    • Proposal for a Careers Booklet


February 1989, San Diego, CA  (Photos)

  • The Logic of Joint Research and Development
  • Managing Modern Manufacturing Systems
  • Manufacturing Systems Management: A Review by Roundtable Members



October 1988, Denver, CO

  • Reflections of a Dean on Leading a Business School to Excellence
  • United We Stand: Practitioners and Academicians Working Towards Future
  • Presidential Issues: A Discussion with TIMS President-Elect 
    • The Relationship between TIMS and ORSA
    • The Umbrella Strategy for TIMS
    • TIMS as an International Organization
    • Academic-Practitioner Relations
    • TIMS Public Relations
    • Public Relations in Secondary Schools


April 1988, Washington, D.C.

  • Marketing Information Systems Development at Hallmark Cards
  • OR/MS in the Federal Government
  • Meeting with TIMS Council: 
    • Academic/Practitioner Interface
    • Public Relations Program


February 1988, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

  • Strategic Management Services at Digital
  • Management Sciences and the Productivity/Quality Movement



October 1987, St. Louis, MO

  • Information Services and MS/OR
  • Presidential Issues: A Discussion with the TIMS President-Elect 
    • Improving the Value of TIMS to Practitioners
    • Should TIMS Add Paid Proactive Leadership or Increase Dues?
    • How Can TIMS Aid Production and Operations Management
    • Success Profile of an MS/OR Professional


May 1987, New Orleans, LA

  • MS/OR/DSS and the Information Technologies
  • MS/OR at American Airlines
  • Meeting with TIMS Council: Follow-up of Roundtable Report, "Problems and Opportunities Facing MS/OR"


February 1987, Baltimore, MD

  • General Discussion
  • What Can TIMS Do for the Roundtable?
  • Managing the New Careerists



October 1986, Miami Beach, FL

  • MS/OR and Corporate Strategy/Strategic Information Systems
  • Challenges and Opportunities in MS/OR
  • MS/OR at Decision Technologies Division of EDS (GM)


April 1986, Los Angeles, CA

  • Problems and Opportunities for TIMS
  • Optimization on the PC
  • Artificial Intelligence on the PC
  • The CPMS Personal Computer Users Group
  • Meeting with TIMS Council: Problems and Opportunities Report


January 1986, Tampa, FL

  • Strategic Direction of TIMS and the Roundtable
  • Quantitative Approaches Presented in Terms Even Spouses Can Understand
  • The Riverside/DEC Exercise and the Role of the Analyst in Negotiation
  • Resolving Business Disputes
  • Management Science Involvement in Negotiation (Panel Discussion)



November 1985, Atlanta, GA

  • Public Relations
  • Executive Support Systems
  • Intelligent Decision Systems
  • Public Relations


April 1985, Boston, MA

  • Informal Working Group Session
  • Meeting with TIMS Council: 
    • Promoting MS/OR
    • University Policy Forum
    • University Cooperative Exchange
    • Knowledge Exchange
    • Software Evaluation


February 1985, Clearwater Beach, FL

  • The Impact of Computer Technologies
  • Management Science in Ferment: Where Is It Going and What Should We Do about It?



November 1984, Dallas, TX

  • Planning the Future of the Roundtable
  • Visual Interactive Simulation: Demonstration and Discussion
  • OR/MS on Microcomputers


May 1984, San Francisco, CA

  • Integrating an Advanced DSS into the Management Process: The Firestone Experience
  • Supporting Expert Decision Makers: Demonstration and Discussion
  • Meeting with TIMS Council: Review of TIMS Council Retreat Results


February 1984, New York, NY

  • Member Activities and Cooperation with the Roundtable
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Improving the Communications Skills of MS/OR Professionals



November 1983, Orlando, FL

  • Decentralization and Absorption of MS/OR: A Sign of Success or Failure?
  • Spreadsheet Models as a Spawning Ground for MS/OR Models: Promoting the Urge for Greater Analytical Power
  • Management Science in Marketing


April 1983, Chicago, IL

  • Atlanta Study Group Reports
  • Breakfast with Gary Lilien, Editor of Interfaces
  • Meeting with TIMS Council: 
    • Top Management Concerns
    • Interfaces
    • Enhancing the Image of MS/OR


January 1983, Atlanta, GA

  • Decision Support Systems
  • Distinguished Lecturer/Practitioner Program
  • Microcomputer Opportunities