Vision, Mission, and Goals

Vision, Mission, and Goals


The INFORMS Roundtable is the recognized premier destination for top-level leaders in OR/MS practice and delivers unique benefits to member organizations, their representatives, and the broader INFORMS community.

Mission and Goals

Improve member organizations through superior OR/MS performance.

  • Provide a forum for member organizations to learn best practices in managing OR/MS groups.
  • Encourage member organizations, including their clients and peers, to be enriched by OR/MS educational experiences.

Help Roundtable representatives to grow professionally.

  • Provide personal development and educational experiences for Roundtable representatives.
  • Facilitate personal networking with peers.

Help the OR/MS profession to thrive.

  • Fulfill the Roundtable's charter responsibility to advise INFORMS on professional issues
  • Support the products and services that INFORMS provides for practice.
  • Maintain a dialog with academia on matters of mutual interest concerning education and research.

Keep the Roundtable Healthy.

  • Manage the Roundtable well.
  • Maintain financial stability.