October 2019, Seattle, WA (Agenda / Photos)
Theme: Citizen Data and Decision Scientists 
  • Jeff Arbogast and Mukesh Rungta, Air Liquide: Data and Decisions Sciences Lab (d2-lab), a global community @Air Liquide 
  • Ben Schein, DOMO, Data for the 99%: Unlocking Data Curiosity Across Your Organization
  • Gary Kinney, Procter & Gamble: Unleashing Citizen Data Scientists and Citizen Developers at Procter & Gamble
  • Panel: Enabling (& being Enabled by) Citizen Data & Decision Scientists 
  • "What Does the Roundtable Think?"
    • Developing Citizen Data & Decision Scientists 
    • Value of Citizen Data & Decision Scientists
  • Bernease Herman, eScience Institute @ the University of Washington: Advancing Data Intensive Discovery in All Fields
  • Joe Rohner, Booz Allen Hamilton: Mobilizing Citizen Data and Decision Scientists: Data science for social good
  • Panel: Two Definitions of Citizen Data & Decision Scientists
  • "What Does the Roundtable Think?"
    • Two Definitions of Citizen Data & Decision Scientists
    • Ideas for Supporting the Common Good

July 2019, Asheville, NC (Agenda / Photos)
Theme: Scaling and Sustaining a Successful Analytics Organization
  • Brian McCarthy, McKinsey: Building Analytics by Putting the Last Mile First
  • John Ginder, Ford: The road to a Centralized Data and Analytics Function
  • David Dittmann, Procter & Gamble: Failure, Turmoil, and Agility: Lessons from Two Decades Building a Sustainable Analytics Organization
  • Panel: Brian McCarthy, John Ginder, David Dittmann
  • "What Does the Roundtable Think?" Lessons Learned from Sustaining and Scaling Analytics
  • Kathleen Featheringham and Kate Helfet, Booz Allen Hamilton, Building Analytics Organizations - Insights from Our Journey
  • Nikhil Arora, Schneider: Lessons Learned from Implementing, Scaling, and Sustaining Analytics at Schneider
  • Chris Norby, Boeing: Maximizing the Value of Analytics - Lessons Learned from Scaling Analytics with Boeing
  • Panel: Steve Escaravage, Nikhil Arora, Chris Norby
  • "What Does the Roundtable Think?" Needs from Professional Organizations and Academia

April 2019, Austin, TX  (Agenda)
Theme: Roundtable Companies

  • Kyle Dooley, CNH
  • James Lemieux, GM, The Applicability and Use of Artificial Intelligence in Business Decision Modeling
  • Rainer Dronzek, AnyLogic
  • Stephen Sashihara, Princeton Consultants
  • Glenn Sabin, ZS Associates


November 2018, Phoenix, AZ

Theme: Manager-less Organizations

  • Chris Peake, Zappos: Evolution of Zappos
  • Experiencing Holacracy
    • Michael DeAngelo, Washington State: Remaining relevant: he need and challenge of this evolution in leadership
    • Gijs Dullaert, AIMMS: The Holacracy journey of AIMMS
  • Andy Fleming, Way to Grow, Inc.: Building a 21st Century Growth Culture
  • Mauricio Moncada, Consultorias SAS: How Crucial is Coherence between A Company's Purpose and Fulfilled Humans for Optimal Productivity and Sustainability?
  • What do Roundtable members do 'manager-less?
    • Jennifer Kurkoski & Brian Eck, Google:  Managers: Coach, not Control
    • Shrikant Jarugumilli, Bayer: Necessary & Sufficient Conditions for Innovations
    • Gay Reginelli, FedEx Express: Creating and growing an environment of empowerment and independence
  • Roundtable Business Meeting

July 2018, Monterey, CA (Photos)

Theme: Gamification

  • Nicole Lazzaro, XEODesign: The 4 Keys to Fun:  Unlock Human Potential through the Emotions of Play
  • Ross Smith, Microsoft Corp.: The Future of Work is Play
  • Shane Gallagher, Institute for Defense Analyses: Games: the solution to build the cyber operations workforce?
  • Anthony Zabiegalski, Simcoach Games: Video Games and Workforce Development
  • William Le Voir-Barry, IBM Corporation:  Imagine What You Could Do with Cloud, Cognitive and Blockchain in Games and Gamification

April 2018, Baltimore, MD

Theme: Roundtable Companies

  • Shrikant Jarugumill and Anu Raman, Monsanto
  • Special Session:  Elevator Speeches
  • Markus Drouven, EQT
  • Roundtable Discussion - Artificial Intelligence
  • Janine Kamath, Mayo Clinic
  • Jon Owen GM


October 2017, Houston, TX
Theme: Academic-Industry Partnerships

  • Ravi Ahuja and Martin Savelsberg:  Examples of Industry Working Relationships
  • Jeffrey D. Camm and Melissa R. Bowers:  What are academic departments doing to address shortage of Data Scientists?  Introduction to MAPD program.  Do we need an equivalent program at Doctoral level?
  • Special Session:  What Does the Roundtable Think?
  • Sushil Raj Podel, Nathaniel Richmond, Hadi Panahi:  What are candidates looking for?  What do companies offer beyond money?

July 2017, Charlottesville, VA
Theme: Leading and Training Technical Teams

  • Roundtable Panel:  Pooja Dewan, BNSF; David Hunter, Institute for Defense Analyses; Jonathan Owen, General Motors; Stephen Sashihara, Princeton Consultants; Jeffrey Winters, UPS
  • Dr. Steve Spear, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and HVE, LLC: Discovering Your Way to Greatness:  Creating the Learning Dynamics Necessary for Competing in a Fast-Paced Hyper-Connected World
  • Rear Admiral Arnold Lotring, USN (ret): Technical Training Concepts for the 21st Century Work Force
  • Nelson C. Baker, Ph.D., Dean of Professional Education and Associate Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology:  Higher Education Roles and Relationships - Things Must Change
  • Adam Hall, Senior Vice President of SS&C Learning Solutions and Chairman at Nervanix, LLC: The 'So What?' Factor:  exploring the nexus of attention, metacognition and machine Learning

April 2017, Las Vegas, NV
Theme:  Roundtable Companies

  • Jeff Arbogast, Air Liquide
  • Stefan Karisch, Boeing
  • Jim Williams, FICO
  • Brian Eck, Google
  • Special Session:  "What does the Roundtable Think?" 


November 2016, Nashville, TN (Agenda)
Theme: Open Source/Internet of Things

  • Nickolas Guertin, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, Test and Evaluation: Open Architecture
  • Dr. Doug Schmidt, Vanderbilt University: Open Architecture
  • Tim Meyer IBM Global Business Services, IoT Center of Competency: What is an IoT Platform? From M2M to Cognitive IoT Systems
  • Kirk Borne, Booz Allen Hamilton: Edge Analytics in the IoT for Dynamic Data-Driven Application Systems
  • Special Session: What the Roundtable Thinks  

July 2016, Traverse City, MI
Theme: Machine Learning

  • Professor Kristian Hammond, Northwestern University:  Worried about Intelligent Machines? Just follow the data.
  • Alex Cosmas, Booz Allen Hamilton:  Monetizing Bayesian Networks… and the promise of machine-learning causality
  • Ted Gifford, Schneider National: A Machine Learning Approach to Capacity Forecasting
  • Dr. Bryan Goodman, Ford Motor Company: Deep Learning at Ford Motor Company
  • Kathy Lange, SAS:  Machine Learning

April 2016, Orlando, FL

Theme:  Roundtable Companies

  • Jennifer Rausch, Jeppesen
  • Larry Stone and Van Gurley, Metron, Inc.
  • Tim Merkle, Steelcase
  • Margery Connor, Chevron
  • Roundtable Business Meeting
  • Future Meeting Planning


October 2015, Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN (Agenda)
Theme:  Personal Health

  • Dr. Dick Weinshilboum: Individualized Medicine
  • Dr. Deb Rhodes: Healthy Living Pillars
  • Dr. Phil Hagen: Lifestyle and Behavior Change Outcomes
  • Dr. Kalyan Pasupathy: How Data/Analytics is Changing Healthcare
  • Dr. Phil Hagen:  Sleep - The Data May Surprise You
  • Dr. Don Hensrud: Mayo Healthy Living Take-Aways

July 2015, Grand Teton National Park, Moran, WY (Agenda / Photos)

Theme:  Uncertainty Quantification

  • Ralph C. Smith, North Carolina State University:  The Role of Uncertainty Quantification in Predictive Models
  • Shane Reese, Brigham Young University:  Quantifying Uncertainty: A Primer
  • Alyson Wilson, North Carolina State University:  Combining Information for Uncertainty Quantification
  • Roger Ghanem, University of Southern California:  Uncertainty Quantification for Complex Systems
  • Dongbin Xiu, University of Utah: The State-of-the-Art in Uncertainty Quantification Algorithms

April 2015, Huntington Beach, CA 

Theme: Roundtable Companies

  • Dayana Cope, Disney
  • David Hunter, IDA
  • Special Session:  What does the Roundtable think?
  • Larry Megan, Praxair
  • Doug Mohr, UPS
  • Roundtable Strategic Planning Overview


November 2014, San Francisco, CA
Theme:  Real Time Analytics

  • Brad Klenz, SAS:  Event Stream Processing for Power Grid Analysis
  • Deepak S. Turaga, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center:  Stream Processing Systems and Analytics for Real-time Insight Extraction
  • Rohit Tandon, HP:  Real Time Analytics at HP
  • Srinivas Bollapragada, GE Global Research Center:  Real Time Algorithms for Dispatching Trains and Routing Airplanes
  • David Steier, Deloitte Consulting LLP: Right-time analytics:  Architectures for delivering enterprise value from real-time data
  • Rainer Dronzek, McDonalds Corporation:  Real Time Video Analytics at McDonalds
  • Rob Benson, Spinnaker Management Group and Jim Williams, FICO:  INFORMS Analytics Maturity Model Launch

July 2014, Kennebunkport, ME 

Theme:  Running an OR/Analytics Group

  • Greta Roberts, Talent Analytics:  Using a Quantitative Approach to Build a Strong Analytic Bench
  • John Gunckel, FedEx and John Ginder, Ford Motor Company:  Organizing and Leveraging OR/Analytics
  • David Dittman, P&G:  Why Doesn't Management Listen to Us?  Breaking through the C-Suite
  • Data, Tools, and Working with IT
  • Cenk Tunasar, Booz Allen:  Closing the IT-Analytics Gap
  • Building Relationships
  • Brendt Reif, Con-way Freight:  Working with the Business
  • John Ginder, Ford Motor Company:  Building Cohesion in Distributed Analytics Teams

April 2014, Boston, MA 

Theme:  Roundtable Member Companies

  • Pooja Dewan, BNSF and Brendt Reif, Con-Way Freight:  Transportation
  • John Gunckel, FedEx and Jeff Winters, UPS:  Package Delivery & Logistics
  • Russell Labe, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Srinivas Bollapragada, GE Global Research Center:  Financial Services
  • Mark Grabau, Accenture and David Kletter, Booz Allen Hamilton:  Consulting
  • Kathy Lange, SAS, Mitchell Burman, Analytics Operations Engineering, Inc., Christopher Fry, Stategic Management Solutions, Mark Hayward, Mayo Clinic, Karl Kempf, Intel, and Colin Kessinger, End-to-End Analytics:  Panel Discussion on real-world analytics issues, solutions, and best practices for running a highly effective OR/MS organization


October 2013, Minneapolis, MN (Agenda)
Theme:  Big Data

  • Claudia Perlich:  "The Challenge of Big Data"
  • Juergen Klenk:  "Big Data in Healthcare"
  • Rishi Narang:  "Microbursts:  Big Data in Finance"
  • Mark Hayward and Charles Martel:  "Big Data in Health Care - Improving the Value of Care with Big Data Analytics"
  • Brian Garrett:  "Hadoop and Big Data Analytics"
  • Dakshi Agrawal:  "Streaming Data for Applications in the Telecom Industry"
  • Speaker Panel on Big Data
  • Bill Browning:  Roundtable Business Meeting
  • Roundtable Meeting with the INFORMS Board

April 2013, San Antonio, TX 

Theme:  Roundtable Member Companies

  • Allen Butler: "Wagner Associates - Fifty Years of Excellence"
  • Michael Grant:  "Operations Research at The Boeing Company"
  • Brent Peterson:  "Operations Research and Advanced Analytics at Air Products and Chemicals"
  • John Ginder:  "Analytics at Ford Motor Company"
  • Special Session:  What does the Roundtable Think?
  • Bill Browning:  Roundtable President's Remarks
  • Analytics Maturity Model Discussion
  • Session with INFORMS President-Elect, Stephen Robinson

February 2013, Lake Buena Vista, FL (Agenda)
Theme:  Customer-Centric Analytics

  • Dan Soto: "Utilizing Technology to Revolutionize the Guest Experience"
  • Bruce Miller: "Big Data, Analytics and Optimization in Workforce Management"
  • Rainer Dronzek: "Innovative and Immersive Customer-Centric Analytics"
  • Cameron Davies: "The Nature of Analytical Collaboration - Disney's Management Science and Integration Team"
  • Stephan Chase: "Creating a Quantitatively-Driven Customer Engagement Strategy"
  • Kathy Lange: "Text Analytics and the Design of Listening Posts"
  • Bill Browning: Roundtable Business Meeting


October 2012, Phoenix, AZ (Agenda)
Theme: Healthcare Analytics

  • Robert K. Smoldt:  "Roadmap to High Value Healthcare"
  • Janine R. Kamath and Dr. Tom Rohleder:  "Operations Research at Mayo Clinic"
  • Dr. Haiyan Wang:  "An Integrated Operating Room Scheduling System"
  • Dr. Wei-Nchih Lee:  "Meaningful Use of Electronic Medical Record Data with a Framework of Knowledge-Based Temporal Analytic Methods"
  • Dr. Juergen A. Klenk:  "Framework for Detection of Clinical States and Disease Onset Using Electronic Health Record (EHR) Data"
  • Dr. Eva K. Lee:  "Advancing Healthcare on Multiple Fronts"
  • Amy Cohn:  "Challenges and Opportunities in Applying OR/MS Tools to Improve Healthcare Delivery"
  • Bill Browning:  Roundtable Business Meeting
  • Roundtable Meeting with the INFORMS Board

April 2012, Huntington Beach, CA 

Theme:  Roundtable Companies

  • Marlize Meyer and Michele Fisher: "Operations Research at Sasol" (2011 INFORMS Prize Winner)
  • Gertjan de Lange: "Winning the Franz Edelman Award" (2011)
  • John Gunckel: "Advanced Analytics at FedEx - Structure, Tools, and Applications"
  • Bill Thoet: "Decision Analytics at Booz Allen Hamilton"
  • Stefan Karisch and Jeff Winters: "Special Session: What does the Roundtable Think?"
  • Doug Meiser: "The Kroger Co."
  • Thomas Olavson and James Miller: "O.R. at Google"
  • Jonathan Owen: Roundtable Business Meeting

 February 2012, Tampa, FL (Agenda)

Theme: Mobile Computing

  • Dr. John B. Kenney: "The Connected Vehicle: The Next Frontier in Wireless Communication"
  • Ted Gifford: "Mobile Computing in Truckload Freight Operations"
  • Kate Brass: "The Architectures for Business-Critical Mobile Applications"
  • Tico Ballagas: "New Designs for Long Distance Family Interaction"
  • 2011 INFORMS President's Award
  • David Becerra: "Mobile Business Intelligence"
  • Fabrice Hoerner: "The Next Frontiers of Mobile Applications and Services"
  • Anand Ranganathan: "Stream Processing for Scalable, Real-Time, Smarter Planet Applications"


November 2011, Charlotte, NC (Agenda)
Theme: The Practice of Risk Analysis and Management

  • Aaron Brown: "The Politics of Large Numbers"
  • David Robinson: "A New Framework for Complex System Risk Analysis"
  • Robert Lampert: "Managing Deep Uncertainty with New Methods for Quantitative Policy Analysis"
  • Kete Long: "Advanced Analytical Methods for Risk Management in Financial Institutions"
  • Henry Petroski: "Engineering Risk Management"
  • David Simchi-Levi: "Flexibility and Risk Management"

April 2011, Chicago, IL 

Theme: Roundtable Companies

  • Steve Sashihara: "The Optimization Edge: Some Practical Lessons Learned for Getting the Most Out of Industry/Consulting/Academia Collaboration"
  • Jim Williams: "Advanced Analytics Helps Drive Sustainable, Continuous Improvement"
  • Arnie Greenland: "Advanced Analytics and Optimization at IBM"
  • Manoj Chari: "Analytical Solutions at SAS Institute: an OR Perspective"
  • Stefan Karisch: "Operations Research at Jeppesen"
  • Margery Connor: "Operations Research at Chevron"
  • Terry P. Harrison: "The INFORMS Analytics Initiative: Current Status and Expected Developments"
  • Ebru Demirkol: "Overview of Business Analystics and Optimization at UNITED"
  • Srinivas Bollapragada: "Interfaces Journal and the INFOMRS Roundtable"
  • Kathy Lange: "Pulse-Taking Survey"

February 2011, Napa CA 

Theme: Managing an OR Team

  • Barbara Insel: "The Business of Wine in the Strange World of 2011"
  • Brian Lewis and Colin Kessinger: "Managing an OR Team Survey Results"
  • Dan Reaume: "Protecting Analytics - An Overview of Intellectual Property and Contract Law for Operations Research Organizations"
  • Lance Solomon: "Analytics in the Supply Chain - Creating a Competetive Advantage"
  • Michael Bauman: "U.S. Army Analysis - The World's Largest OR Program"
  • Steve Soules: "Obtaining More without Spending More - Developing and Managing a Capabilities Based Analysis Team with OR/Analytics Capabilities that can Implement the Secretary of Defense's Efficiency Initiatives"
  • Paritosh Desai: "Perspectives on Growing an Analytics Team and IP Strategies"


November 2010, Austin, TX (Agenda)

  • Michael Crandell: "Realizing the Benefits of Cloud Computing"
  • Gunther Lenz: "Cloud Computing for Application Development, Business Intelligence, and Collaboration"
  • David Jensen: "Experience Using IBM's Cloud Computing Offerings for OR Applications"
  • Robert Fourer: "Cloud Pioneers: Experience with NEOS and Optimization Services"
  • Edward Rothberg: "The Gurobi Optimizer and Amazon Web Services"
  • Daniel Fylstra: "Frontline's Solvers and Windows Azure"


April 2010, Orlando, FL (Agenda)
Theme: Roundtable Companies

  • Brian Lewis: "Vanguard Software: From Math to Process"
  • Bill Browning: "Some Applications of Mathematics"
  • Sean Devine: "Overview of OR at Con-way Freight"
  • Colin Kessinger: "Thank Goodness the Math Isn't Enough"
  • Karl Kempf: "Why Math Isn't Enough"
  • Randy Robinson: "CPMS: Past, Present, and Future"
  • INFORMS President-Elect, Rina Schneur
  • Mitchell Burman: "Overview of Analytics"
  • Gary Bennett, Analytics Magazine Overview


February 2010, Kiawah Island, SC (Agenda)
Theme: Business Use of Social Networks

  • How Social Media is Impacting your Company
  • Social Networking for Knowledge Management (Internal to an Organization)
  • Joe Schueller: "Flipping the Script - Bringing the consumer experience in to the enterprise at P&G"
  • John Brocklebank: "Social Network Analysis for Fraud Detection"
  • Social Media (Primarily External to an Organization)
    • Adam Selig: "The Social Web"
    • Debbie Curtis-Magley: "Brand Management at UPS"
    • Larry Proctor: "IBM's COBRA - Corporate Brand and Reputation Analysis"