October 2009, San Diego, CA  
Theme: Transportation

  • Tom Vanderbilt, Author of "Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us)"
  • Jeff Winters: "From the lab to the road, deploying OR"
  • Cynthia Barnhart: "Using OR to improve airline schedule reliability"
  • Doug Smith: "Blending Optimization and Simulation for Analysis of an Inland Waterway Transportation System"
  • Karl Kempf: "The Cultural Story behind winning the INFORMS Prize"
  • Marc Mandler: "The Systems Approach to Transportation Safety: Moving from Safety Compliance to Safety Management"
  • James E. Moore: "Economic Impact Models for freight Transportation"


April 2009, Phoenix, AZ 
Theme: Roundtable Companies

  • Karl Kempf: "Frontiers of Decision Making at Intel Corporation"
  • Arnie Greenland: "How IBM Runs on Business Analytics and Optimization"
  • Mike Cramer: "McDonald's Innovation - The Emerging Role of Operations 
  • Marlize Meyer: "A Sasol OR perspective"
  • Srinivas Bollapragada: " Improving Operations at General Electric Company"
  • Raj Nigam and Russ Labe: "Structuring and Sustaining Excellence in
     Management Science at Merrill Lynch


February 2009, San Antonio, TX 
Theme: Strategic Planning

  • Rear Admiral Scott R. Van Buskirk, USN: "Senior Leadership’s Role in Strategy Development"
  • Glenn W. Wegryn: "Influence of OR Practices to Drive Corporate Strategic Choices at Procter & Gamble"
  • Gerald G. Brown: "Optimization Tradecraft: Hard-Won Insight from Real-World Decision Support"
  • Jeffrey Karrenbauer: "Frontiers in Strategic Supply Chain Design"
  • Louis Anthony Cox, Jr.: "Risk Management Priority Rankings Are Ineffective: A Call for Change"
  • Gerald G. Brown: "Department of Homeland Security: Bioterrorism Risk Assessment: A Call for Change"



October 2008, Washington, DC (Photos)
Theme: OR in Policy Analysis

  • Bruce D. Collins: "Keynote Address"
  • Norm Fujisaki: "Impact of Dynamics on Policy Decisions"
  • Dan Michael Berkovitz: "The Foundations of Federal Regulation of Energy Markets: Facts or Fiction?"
  • Rear Admiral David A. Gove, USN: "Naval Oceanography - Analysis to Capability"
  • Sherry J. Gillespie: "Policy, Politics and Procedure"

April 2008, Baltimore, MD 
Theme: Roundtable Companies

  • Pete Buczkowski: "Engineering the Magic at Disney"
  • Kathy Lange: "Data Driven Insight for Better Decision Making with SAS Analytics"
  • Robert Benson: "Leveraging OR/MS Within a Supply Chain Management Consulting Firm"
  • Milton F. Pope: "Use of Analytics and Operations Research at the Aerospace Corporation"
  • Gertjan de Lange: "OR/MS at Paragon Decision Technology"


February 2008, New Orleans, LA (Photos)
Theme: Managing an Operations Research Practice

  • Outing: Gray Line Katrina Tour
  • Dr. Elizabeth Haas Edersheim: "Peter Drucker's Advice for Managers of Operations Research Groups"
  • Admiral Kirkland H. Donald, USN, Director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion Training and Managing Technical Personnel
  • Dr. Andris A. Zoltners, Professor of Marketing, Northwestern Kellogg School of Management and Founder and Co-Chairman ZS Associates: "Selling Operations Research Products"
  • William C. Stone, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, SS&C Technologies, Inc.: "Managing Growth & Transition"
  • Dr. Don N. Kleinmuntz, Co-Founder, Strata Decision Technology, LLC: "Roundtable Member Company Presentation: Strata Decision Technology, LLC"



November 2007, Seattle, WA (Photos)
Theme: Simulation, Optimization, Visualization

  • Permutations of Simulation, Optimization & Visualization
  • Roundtable Overview
  • New Applications and Innovations in Simulation Optimization
  • Visualization Inside Optimization and Simulation Applications
  • 25 Year Anniversary Trivia
  • Meeting with the INFORMS Board
  • Simulation Modeling Using AnyLogic
  • Combining Simulation/Visualization/Optimization in an Automotive Manufacturing
  • Environment at Ford
  • Roundtable Business


April 2007, Vancouver, BC, Canada (Photos)
Theme: Military OR and Relevance to History 

  • History of Military OR, Dr. Phil DePoy, Center for Naval Analyses
  • Application of Quantitative and Qualitative OR/MS Tools and Techniques to
    Address Contemporary DoD Challenges in (1) Portfolio Management and (2) 
    Measuring Effect of Net - Centricity on Mission Outcome, Michael Lavine, MITRE
  • Roundtable Strategic Planning Team Update, Glenn Wegryn, Proctor & Gamble
  • Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma in Military Logistics, Darrell Gooden, Port
    Hueneme Division Naval Surface Warfare Center 
  • Readiness Based Sparing - A Retrospective, T.J. O'Malley, LMI Government
  • Presidential Issues: A Discussion with INFORMS President-Elect Cynthia
    Barnhart - Roundtable Feedback on What is Lacking in Masters/PhD Programs 
  • Nightcap Dessert Reception


February 2007, Tampa, FL  (Photos)
Theme: Human in the Loop

  • Roundtable Strategic Planning Team Discussion
  • Predictive Markets, Problem Solving, and the Wisdom of Crowds
  • Playing Games for Better Business Using Market Mechanisms to Improve Forecasting
  • Applications and Thoughts About Behavioral Economics in Schneider National
  • Beyond the Efficient Frontier: A Novel Wealth Allocation Framework for Individual
  • The Ford Prediction Exchange
  • Panel Discussion: What Would I have to Do To Make These Available in My
    Company? What Internal Expertise Do I Need? Can I Hire Someone To Do It? Is
    This OR? 
  • INFORMS Professional Colloquium Activity
  • Roundtable Strategic Planning Team Direction Wrap-Up
  • 2006 Roundtable Pulse Taking Summary



November 2006, Pittsburgh, PA  
Theme: Sustainability

  • Sustainable Development and OR Modeling
  • Where do we go in Practice
  • Recent Sustainable Business Experience
  • Driving Sustainability Through Optimizaing Re-Use at Cisco
  • P&G Efforts in Sustainable Development
  • Some Thoughts About Sustainable Mobility From an OR Perspective
  • Applications of OR/MS in recycling and product take-back at Hewlett Packard: Similarities and key differences with traditional supply chain problems
  • Group Activity: Opportunities for Profitable Sustainability in Roundtable Companies
  • Roundtable Strategic Planning Team Discussion of Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals
  • Roundtable Dues Proposal Discussion
  • Update on INFORMS Professional Colloquium
  • Meeting with the INFORMS Board


April 2006, Miami, FL  (Photos)
Theme: Project Management

  • Enhancing Project Delivery Capabilities through Project Analysis
  • Integrated Cost - Schedule Risk Analysis using Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Critical Chain Project Management
  • Delivering Results: Operations Research at Air Products
  • Presidential Issues: A Discussion with the President-Elect Brenda Dietrich - "OR" Deployment Best Practices


February 2006, Marina del Rey, CA  (Photos)
Theme: Forecasting

  • Eta™ Analysis: Forecasting and Quantitative Analysis for Investment Banking and Hedge Funds
  • EconomicInvestor’s Eta® Analysis
  • Exploring the Intersection of Large Scale Forecasting, Time Series Mining and
  • Forecasting Without Looking in the Rearview Mirror (OR Forecasting in Markets
     Where There is Insufficient (Relevant) Historical Data) 
  • Forecasting and Network Balance in Full-Truckload Transportation Networks
  • OR Applications at Hewlett-Packard
  • Follow-up to the San Francisco Roundtable/INFORMS Board Meeting



November 2005, San Francisco, CA  (Photos)
Theme: Pricing and Revenue Management

  • Revenue Management in the Airline Industry: From Gumball Dispensers to Rocket Science
  • Revenue Management Tutorial, The Theory and Practice of Revenue Management
  • Effective Pricing Analysis & Design Methods for Manufacturers and Distributors to Create Optimal Price Guidelines
  • Revenue Management in the Broadcast Television Industry, Srinivas Bollapragada, GE
  • Pricing in the Less-Than-Truckload Transportation Industry 
    Meeting with the INFORMS Board: The Roundtable’s Role in INFORMS 


April 2005, Palm Springs, CA  (Photos)
Theme: Structured Networking 

  • OR at Procter & Gamble
  • OR at Jeppesen Sanderson
  • Structured Networking: Topic 1 – Methods of Bringing OR Theory to Application
  • Structured Networking: Topic 2 – Why Are “Good” Projects Not Funded?
  • Presidential Issues: A Discussion with the President-Elect Mark Daskin -
    INFORMS Publications 
  • Roundtable Meeting Schedule


February 2005, Amelia Island, FL  (Photos)
Theme: Data Mining

  • Introduction to Data Mining Concepts and Methods
  • Applications of Text Data Mining
  • Data Mining Methodologies and Trends
  • Overview of the Roundtable Website
  • Data Mining Mistakes - and How to Avoid them
  • Data Mining Applications in Marketing
  • Data Mining in a Transaction World
  • Roundtable Discussion about Data Mining



October 2004, Denver, CO (Photos)
Theme: Risk Analysis and Management

  • Lockheed Martin Facility Tour - "Shuttle Return to Flight Activities"
  • Presentation of Outcomes of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board by Board Member Sheila Widnall
  • How to Remove Subjectivity from Risk Assessments
  • The Role of Precursors in Forestalling Accidents
  • Risk Management and Decision Theory
  • OR Work at Member Company Applied Mathematics
  • Roundtable Member Pulse-taking Learnings and Feedback
  • Meeting with the INFORMS Board: Meeting the Needs of OR Masters Level Professionals


April 2004, Cambridge, MA  (Photos)
Theme: OR and Six Sigma

  • Presidential Issues: A Discussion with the President-Elect Richard C. Larson-Strategic Efforts to Get More Non-PhD's to Join INFORMS
  • Six Sigma and OR at Boeing
  • Six Sigma and OR at Ford


February 2004, Orlando, FL  (Photos)
Theme: OR in the Service Industry

  • Mission: SPACE
  • Importance of IE & OR at Walt Disney World
  • Transportation Modeling at Walt Disney World
  • Mission Space Simulation Modeling
  • The Birth of FASTPASS
  • Why OR Systems Fail, UPS



October 2003, Atlanta, GA  (Photos)
Theme: OR and the Roundtable Community

  • How Do You Re-Launch a Profession?
  • OR at Weyerhaeuser
  • OR at Boeing
  • OR/MS in the Roundtable Community
  • Meeting with the INFORMS Board: Marketing the Profession Update
  • Roundtable Luncheon Meeting with the Association of Chairs of Operations Research Departments (ACORD)
  • Synchronizing Global Commerce: Operations Research at UPS


May 2003, Phoenix, AZ 
Theme: How to be a Better Communicator

  • How to be a Better Communicator (two sessions)
  • Marketing 101: Marketing a Marketing Science Group
  • Presidential Issues: A Discussion with INFORMS President-Elect Michael Rothkopf
  • Integration of Theory and Practice
  • Running INFORMS' Businesses More Effectively


February 2003, Charleston, SC (Photos)
Theme: Marketing OR

  • Marketing, Market Communications, Brands and the OR/MS Family of Discipline(two sessions)
  • Platform for Discussion
  • Interactive Workshop
  • Marketing 101: Marketing a Marketing Science Group
  • Marketing CPLEX: A Historical Perspective
  • Brief Update on the INFORMS Marketing Project



November 2002, San Jose, CA (Photos)
Theme: Visualization

  • Information Visualization (3 integrated sessions) The Case for Information Visualization
  • Structured Data
  • User Controls
  • Representing Trees Using Microsoft Doughnut Charts<
  • Meeting with the INFORMS Board: Practice Initiatives – Where should immediate emphasis be placed?


May 2002, Montreal, Canada  (Photos)
Theme: Personality Types

  • Myers-Briggs Training Session
  • Presidential Issues: A Discussion with the INFORMS President-Elect Planning and Managing the Future Direction of INFORMS Through Collaborative Strategic Planning


February 2002, Chandler, AZ  (Photos)
Theme: Giving OR a Friendly Face 

  • Spreadsheet Engineering
  • Promoting OR by Hiding OR
  • Optimizers Inside
  • OR Disguised: The Wagner Experience
  • Panel/Open Discussion on “OR Inside



November 2001, Miami, FL  (Photos)
Theme: The B2B Context of OR/MS

  • Auction Theory for OR/MS Practice
  • E-Business at Air Products: Shifting to a Second-Generation Strategy
  • The Effect of New Technologies on Transportation
  • Putting the "e" in Eastman Business
  • Streamlined Sales Tax Initiative: Internet-Based Sales Tax Engine for the 21st Century
  • Informal Discussion on the Practice Portal
  • Meeting with the INFORMS Board: Avoiding "Myth-understandings" in Academic/Practitioner Collaboration


May 2001, La Jolla, CA  (Photos)

  • Managing Best Practices
  • Presidential Issues: A Discussion with the INFORMS President-Elect Social Capital as a Professional Asset


February 2001, Savannah, GA  (Photos)
Theme: The Changing Computing Environment of OR

  • Optimization Modeling in Distributed Applications: 
    How new technologies such as XML and SOAP allow OR to provide Web-based services 
  • Optimization over the Internet
  • A Case Study in Implementation: Feeder Schedule Optimization System
  • Constraint Based Programming at ILOG
  • Exploiting Web Technology to Deliver OR Solutions
  • Panel Discussion: The Impact of the Changing Computing Environment of OR



November 2000, San Antonio, TX  (Photos)
Theme: CRM

  • Marketing Strategy and Customer Equity in the Information Age
  • The 1 to 1 Marketing Approach and CRM
  • Predictive Modeling and Robust Optimization in eCRM
  • Management Science Approaches to Personalization
  • Operations Research at Qwest Communications International
  • Planning for the First INFORMS Practice Meeting in San Diego
  • Meeting with the INFORMS Board: Practice Portal for INFORMS Online


May 2000, Salt Lake City, UT  (Photos)
Theme: e-Business

  • The Effect of E-Business on the Supply Chain
  • Applying Quantitative Marketing Techniques to the Internet
  • A Review of the Evolution of e-Commerce and Operations Research in Travel and Transportation
  • How the Internet is Transforming HP’s Business Models: Opportunities for OR/MS
  • Presidential Issues: A Discussion with the INFORMS President-Elect Improving INFORMS Online for Practitioners
  • Restructuring INFORMS


February 2000, Las Vegas, NV  (Photos)
Theme: ERP 

  • Beyond Enterprise Resource Planning Systems to Fact-based, Coordinated Decision Making
  • The Compleat ERP Strategy
  • Operations Research Activity in the Defense World at Raytheon Company
  • Beyond ERP to Active Supply Chain Management, APS, CRM, and more
  • Brainstorming Opportunities for OR/MS in the Deployment of ERP