November 1999, Philadelphia, PA (Photos)

  • The State of Enterprise Software
  • Patent Law as it Relates to OR/MS Algorithms
  • Going Live: Partnership Meeting with the INFORMS Task Force on Continuing Professional Education
  • Health Insurance for Heterogeneous Populations
  • The History of Process Scheduling at Rohm and Haas
  • Meeting with the INFORMS Board: On-Line Communications for OR/MS Products and Services


May 1999, Cincinnati, OH  (Photos)

  • Managing the Complex
  • Adaptive Solutions for Complex Problems
  • Large-Scale, Real-Time Decision Support Tools: The Case for Corporate Flight Simulators
  • Training for Greater Success in OR Practice: 
    • Partnership Meeting with the INFORMS Task Force on Continuing Professional Education
  • Presidential Issues: A Discussion with the INFORMS President-Elect 
    • Creating a CEO Advisory Board for INFORMS
  • Creating Pay-for-Service Offerings for INFORMS


February 1999, Tampa, FL (Photos)

  • INFORMS Continuing Professional Education Program
  • Integrating OR into Top-Level Decision-Making
  • Marketing OR: Effective Communication with Senior Management
  • OR on Every Desktop and at the Center of Corporate Activity
  • Discussion of Continuing Professional Education for INFORMS and the Roundtable



October 1998, Seattle, WA  (Photos)

  • Meeting with the INFORMS Board: 
    Technology-Enabled OR Education and What It May Do for Practitioners 
  • The Balanced Scorecard
  • The Success and Survival of OR Groups in the UK
  • Visualization and Optimization


April 1998 Montreal, Quebec  (Photos)

  • Roundtable Suggestions for INFORMS Public Relations
  • Negotiating Skills Seminar
  • How a Small Group Makes a Big Impact at Praxair
  • Delivering Supply Chain Planning Solutions
  • Presidential Issues: A Discussion with the INFORMS President-Elect 
    • INFORMS 2000 Practitioner-Oriented National/International Meeting


February 1998, San Antonio, TX  (Photos)

  • Evolving Technology, Digital Technology and Implications for Operations Research
  • OR and Recruiting Panel Discussions 
    • What Works Our Groups Are Doing - The Demand for New OR Recruits
    • What Kind of People We Seek and How They Are Introduced to Our Organizations
    • Graduates that Meet OR/MS Group Needs
    • Managing the OR/MS Recruits Supply / Demand Gap
  • Big Waves Which Will Provide Opportunities for MS/OR Practice



October 1997, Dallas, TX  (Photos)

  • Future of Telecommunications Technology
  • Evolution of OR in DuPont
  • OR/MS in Business Schools
  • Startup of an IBM Consulting Group
  • Meeting with the INFORMS Board: Electronic Commerce - Implications and Opportunities for OR/MS


May 1997, San Diego, CA  (Photos)

  • Information-Based Services
  • Service Operations: Our Agenda for the Future
  • Concepts of Agile Enterprises and Implementation Tools
  • INFORMS Issues
  • Managing an OR Group (Panel Discussion)
  • Presidential Issues: A Discussion with the INFORMS President-Elect 
    • Strengthening Local Chapters
    • Public Relations for OR/MS


February 1997, Chandler, AZ  (Photos)

  • Intelligence Gathering at Hughes Electronics Company
  • Competitive Information and Results Presentation at Northrup/Grumman
  • Competitive Intelligence Overview
  • Competitive Intelligence Group Activity
  • INFORMS, the Roundtable, and Big Waves: A Kickoff



November 1996, Atlanta, GA  (Photos)

  • Top Management Perspectives on OR/MS
  • Data Mining for Strategic Business Decision Making
  • Operations Research at Silicon Graphics Inc.
  • Roundtable Luncheon Reception for Plenary Speaker
  • The Shared Destiny Initiatives
  • Meeting with the INFORMS Board: Better Services for Practitioners


May 1996, Washington, D.C. (Photos)

  • When OR/MS People Move on to Broader Managerial Responsibilities
  • What is the Future of MS/OR Tools? (Panel Discussion) 
    • Dash Associates
    • Chesapeake Decision Sciences
    • SAS Institute
    • MathPro
    • CPLEX Optimization
    • EDS
  • Presidential Issues: A Discussion with the INFORMS President-Elect
  • Practice-Oriented Initiatives for INFORMS


February 1996, Deerfield Beach/Boca Raton, FL (Photos)

  • Competitive Intelligence/Benchmarking
  • Gaining Insights through Benchmarking
  • Benchmarking: Beyond Competitive Intelligence
  • Reengineering: Hype vs. Reality
  • INFORMS Initiatives to Help Practitioners



October 1995, New Orleans, LA  (Photos)

  • Suggesting Improvement Before Doing the Job
  • Success in Managing OR Groups
  • Potential Roundtable Projects
  • Group Exercise Based on the Book Competing for the Future
  • Meeting with the INFORMS Board: Understanding Contemporary OR/MS Practice
  • Roundtable Reception for the Winner of the INFORMS Prize


April 1995, Los Angeles, CA  (Photos)

  • Enterprise Modeling: Overview and Case Studies
  • Enterprise Modeling and Simulation at Hewlett Packard
  • Presidential Issues: A Discussion with INFORMS President-Elect 
    • Success Management in UK OR Groups
  • OR/MS and Business School Education
  • The Importance of the Name of the OR/MS Profession
  • Discussion and Prioritization of Future Meeting Topics


February 1995, San Diego, CA  (Photos)

  • Understanding Networked Organizations
  • Virtual Organizations and the Evolving Business Environment
  • Enabling Virtual Organizations: A Technology Perspective and Experience at Andersen Consulting
  • MS/OR Career Self Reliance in the Virtual Workplace and Experience at Unisys
  • Internet Resources for Virtualization in MS/OR: Practice On-Line; DecisionNet



October 1994, Detroit, MI  (Photos)

  • Manufacturing Development Engineering at GM
  • The History of AI at Texas Eastman Division
  • Supply Chain Process Reengineering at Dow Chemical
  • Change Management at Hughes Aircraft with Computerized Modeling
  • Presidential Issues: A Discussion with the INFORMS President-Elect 
    • Designing Viable INFORMS Subdivisions
    • Competing for Practitioners' Time
    • Articulating MS/OR within the Organization
  • The Practice Track 
    • OR/MS in Manufacturing
    • Management Science Leadership in the Manufacturing Environment


April 1994, Boston, MA  (Photos)

  • A View of Management Science in 1997
  • The Practice Track 
    • Status Reports from Recent Franz Edelman Finalists
    • The Application of MS/OR to Marketing Innovation
    • Practice and Practitioners in the New Association
  • Meeting with TIMS Council: Discussion of the Anticipated Merger


February 1994, St. Petersburg, FL  (Photos)

  • A Non-Linear and Dynamic System View of Project Work
  • Successful Management of the Project Life Cycle 
    • Arthur Andersen & Company
    • American Greetings Corporation
    • Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation
  • Successful and Problematic Practices for Each Stage of Project Work



November 1993, Phoenix, AZ  (Photos)

  •  Partnerships Between Industry and Academia
  • The Rohm & Haas Information Technology Training Program
  • Electronic Networking Technology
  • Peer Review at Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
  • Presidential Issues: A Discussion with the TIMS President-Elect 
    • The Practice Society in the Merged Association
    • Internet Based Services in the Merged Association
    • Software Services in the Merged Association
    • Other Products and Services in the Merged Association
  • The Practice Track 
    • The Current and Future Role of MS/OR in Customer Service
    • Management Science Practice and Customer Service


May 1993, Chicago, IL  (Photos) 

  • The Role of MS/OR in Transforming Xerox
  • The Practice Track 
    • The Practice of Management Science in the Airline Industry
    • The Practice of Management Science in Global Logistics
    • The Practice of Management Science in the Rail and Truck Industry
  • Vehicle Routing at Nabisco
  • Meeting with TIMS Council 
    • Proposed New Products and Services to TIMS Members
    • The Proposed Merger of ORSA and TIMS


February 1993, St. Petersburg, FL  (Photos)

  • Successful Marketing of Management Science Services
  • Marketing and Selling Techniques Workshop for Management Science Professionals
  • Successfully Marketing MS Services Inside and Outside the Sponsoring Organization 
    • AT&T Business Operations
    • Rohm & Haas
    • Pitney Bowes



November 1992, San Francisco, CA  (Photos)

  • Value-Focused Thinking
  • Business Teams and Team-Oriented Tools
  • Presidential Issues: A Discussion with the TIMS President-Elect 
    • Segmentation of Markets TIMS Serves
    • Decentralization of TIMS Meetings
    • Internships/Apprenticeships
    • Quality
  • Discussion with Isolated Practitioners


April 1992, Orlando, FL  (Photos)

  • Opportunities for MS/OR in Business Process Reengineering
  • Successful MS Organizations (Practice Track)
  • The MS Agenda for the 21st Century (Practice Track) 
    • MS Support of Global Competitiveness
    • Role of MS in Supporting Customer Focus/Quality
    • Supporting Dispersed MS Practitioners
  • MS for Fun and Profit (Practice Track) 
    • How To Bet the Kentucky Derby
    • Getting Computer-Reluctant People To Use MS
  • Meeting with TIMS Council: 
    • Curricular Reform
    • Dispersed Practitioners
    • Reengineering


February 1992, Phoenix, AZ  (Photos)

  • Next Generation Organization
  • How MS Practitioners Can Support the 21st Century Organization
  • How Professional Societies and the Academic Community Can Support 21st Century MS Practitioners



November 1991, Anaheim, CA  (Photos)

  • The Management and the Science of the Customer
  • Overview of the Recent Reorganization at the National Science Foundation
  • Quality Issues on Customer Service in Consulting
  • Customer Service in MS Groups
  • Establishing the Vision of Management Science
  • Presidential Issues: A Discussion with the TIMS President-Elect 
    • Reaching the Lone Ranger Practitioners
    • The MS Job Market
    • MS & IS Synergy
    • The Communication Revolution as an Opportunity for MS


May 1991, Nashville, TN  (Photos)

  • Logistics and the Profitability of the Firm
  • Strategic Design of Logistics Systems
  • Demand Forecasting in Logistics Systems at Ross Laboratories
  • Tactical and Operational Logistics Planning 
    • Production Planning
    • Transportation Scheduling
  • Forecasting (Panel Discussion)
  • Meeting with TIMS Council: Steps Toward a Stronger Academic/Practitioner Interface


February 1991, North Redington Beach, FL

  • Database Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Market Research and Modeling for the 21st Century Enterprise
  • Expert Systems in Consumer Goods Marketing
  • Business Marketing and Management Science
  • Marketing OR/MS Departments to Upper Management (Panel Discussion)



October 1990, Philadelphia, PA

  • Quality Management at Exxon Central Services
  • Group Decision Support in Quality Programs
  • Quality Management at Lubrizol
  • Quality Management at Air Products
  • Why Can't the US Compete Globally?
  • Quality Program Management (Panel Discussion)
  • Presidential Issues: A Discussion with the TIMS President-Elect 
    • TIMS/ORSA Merger
    • Internalization of TIMS and Practitioner-Academic Interface in TIMS
    • Roundtable Plans with TIMS Council/Journals/Colleges
    • PR for Management Science


May 1990, Las Vegas, NV

  • MS Professionals in the 90s
  • OR/MS Practice at Martin Marietta
  • OR/MS Futures
  • Successful Simulation Studies
  • Meeting with TIMS Council: 
    • Careers Booklet
    • IS/MS Collaboration
    • TIMS/SIM Collaboration


February 1990, Tempe, AZ

  • Strategic Information Technology at Pitney Bowes
  • Issues of the MS/IS Interface
  • MS/IS Issues (Panel Discussion)
  • Management Communication
  • MS Recruitment, Training, and Communication
  • Roundtable Membership Survey