Student Paper Prize

The INFORMS Optimization Society Student Paper Prize, established in 2006 and administered by the Optimization Society of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, is awarded annually at the INFORMS Annual Meeting to one (or more) students for the most outstanding paper in optimization that is submitted to and received, or published in a refereed professional journal within the three calendar years preceding the year of the award. The nominee/applicant must be a student on the first of January of the year of application/nomination. The prize serves as an esteemed recognition of promising students who are looking for an academic or industrial career.

The award includes a cash amount of US$3,000 and a citation certificate. The award winner(s) will be invited to give a fifteen-minute presentation in a special session sponsored by the Optimization Society during the INFORMS annual meeting. The winners will be responsible for all travel expenses associated with the presentation of their paper at the INFORMS meeting. Award winners are also asked to contribute an article about their award-winning work to the Optimization Society newsletter.

Application process

A complete entry consists of a single PDF file containing:

  • a copy of the paper;
  • a letter signed by all co-authors attesting that the majority of the work was done by the student(s);
  • a nomination letter attesting that the eligibility conditions have been satisfied by the entrant(s) and the paper.


The author(s) and the paper must satisfy the following conditions to be eligible for the prize:

  • The paper must be published in, or submitted and received by, a refereed professional journal during the three calendar years prior to the year of the award.
  • Every nominee must be a student on the first of January in the year of application/nomination.
  • Any co-author(s) not nominated for the award should send a letter indicating that the majority of the nominated work was performed by the nominee(s).
  • The topic of the paper must belong to the field of optimization in its broadest sense.
  • The prize may be awarded once in a lifetime to any individual.
Please submit nominations to the chair of the prize committee by email with a PDF attachment by May 3, 2019. Please make sure that the paper and all of its authors satisfy the eligibility requirements and attach a PDF copy of the paper together with a 1-2 page nomination letter describing the contribution of the paper. Self nominations are accepted.

Winners and committee members



Committee members


Santanu Dey (chair), Frank E. Curtis, Daphne Skipper, Mengdi Wang


Yong Sheng Soh
(Second place: Felix Happach, Joey Huchette)
(Honorable mention: Yanli Liu, Naman Agarwal and Brian Bullins, Nam Ho-Nguyen)

Dan Iancu (chair), Amir Ali Ahmadi, Frank Curtis, Illya Hicks


Frans de Ruiter
(Honorable mention: Will Ma)

Vineet Goyal (chair), Kiavash Kianfar, Javier Peña, Ermin Wei.


Gonzalo Muñoz 
(Honorable mention: Hamza Fawzi)

Jim Luedtke (chair), Güzin Bayraksan, Shiqian Ma, Mohit Tawarmalani


Paul Grigas

Mohit Tawarmalani (chair), Fatma Kılınç-Karzan, Warren Powell, Uday Shanbhag


Damek Davis

Santanu Dey (chair), Serhat Aybat, Güzin Bayraksan, François Margot


Afonso Bandeira

Santanu S. Dey, Simge Küçükyavuz (chair), Guanghui Lan


Diego Morán

Simge Küçükyavuz, Katya Scheinberg (chair), Renata Sotirov.


Daniel Dadush

Matthias Koeppe (chair), Jean-Philippe Richard, Katya Scheinberg


Shiqian Ma

Miguel Anjos, Alper Atamtürk, Sven Leyffer (chair)


Dan Iancu

Shabbir Ahmed (chair), Sam Burer, Jon Lee


Juan Pablo Vielma

François Margot, Tom McCormick, Edwin Romeijn, David Shanno, Yinyu Ye (chair)