Call for Nominations

We thank four Society Vice-Chairs (Dimitri Papageorgiou, Akshay Gupte, Somayeh Moazeni, Jorge Sefair) and our Treasurer/Secretary (Burcu Keskin) who will be completing their two-year terms by December 2019.

We are currently seeking nominations of candidates for the following positions:
  • Vice Chair, Computational Optimization and Software
  • Vice Chair, Integer and Discrete Optimization
  • Vice Chair, Linear and Conic Optimization
  • Vice Chair, Network Optimization
  • Treasurer/Secretary.

Please nominate the deserving candidates. Self-nominations for all of these positions are encouraged.

Vice-Chairs serve a two-year term. According to Society Bylaws,
"The main responsibility of the Vice Chairs will be to help INFORMS Local Organizing committees to identify cluster chairs and session chairs for the annual meetings. In general, the Vice Chairs shall serve as the point of contact with their sub-disciplines."

Treasurer/Secretary serves a two-year term. According to Society Bylaws,
"The Secretary/Treasurer shall conduct the correspondence of the OS, keep the minutes and records of the Society, maintain contact with INFORMS, receive reports of activities from those Society Committees that may be established, conduct the election of officers and Members of Council for the OS, make arrangements for the regular meetings of the Council and the membership meetings of the OS. As treasurer, he/she shall also be responsible for the disbursement of the Society funds as directed by the OS Council, prepare and distribute reports of the financial condition of the OS, help prepare the annual budget of the Society for submission to INFORMS. It will be the responsibility of the outgoing Secretary/Treasurer to make arrangements for the orderly transfer of all the Society's records to the person succeeding him/her."

Please send your nominations or self-nominations to Burcu B. Keskin (, including contact information for the nominee, by July 15, 2019. Online elections will begin in mid-August, with new officers taking up their duties on January 1st, 2020.