John N. Hooker

John N. Hooker is selected as the winner of the 2018 INFORMS Optimization Society Khachiyan Prize


Professor Hooker has been at the forefront of the interface between OR and AI for over three decades. His signature contributions include work that integrates optimization and constraint programming, mixed-logic linear programming, logic-based Benders decomposition, and most recently decision diagrams for optimization. He has a unique ability to transcend disciplinary boundaries, especially when it comes to boundaries between OR and AI. Recognizing Professor Hooker's contributions is a way for the selection committee to acknowledge his sustained long-term commitment to the use of logic in discrete optimization. Many state-of-the-art solvers of discrete optimization problems make use of Professor Hooker's contributions in logic inference to enhance their performance. Because of his contributions to other areas (e.g., Business Ethics, Cross-cultural Management, and Music), he is a renaissance man with an INFORMS perspective.

Selection Committee

Suvrajeet Sen (chair), Ignacio Grossmann, Arkadi Nemirovski, David Shmoys