Jesus De Loera (Mathematics, University of California, Davis) is selected as the winner of the 2020 INFORMS Optimization Society Farkas Prize


The INFORMS Optimization Society 2020 Farkas Prize is awarded to Jesus De Loera in recognition of his pioneering work at the intersection of discrete mathematics, optimization and algebraic geometry. Professor De Loera’s research includes fundamental results on topics including the complexity of interior-point methods for linear programming, the Hirsch conjecture for network flow polytopes, use of Gröbner and Graver bases for discrete optimization and the theory and application of triangulations. His research is noted for the successful computational implementation of methods based on complex mathematical theory, including the enumeration of lattice points in polyhedra and the application of Hilbert’s Nullstellensatz to combinatorial optimization. Professor De Loera is also well known as an outstanding expositor and mentor whose infectious enthusiasm draws other researchers to work in areas where they might otherwise not dare to venture.

Prize committee

Kurt Anstreicher (chair), Dick den Hertog, Rekha Thomas, Robert Weismantel