Best Student Conference Paper Award (INFORMS Conference on Service Science)

This award is for the best student paper submitted to and presented at the INFORMS Conference on Service Science. Check the conference site for the details of this award.

Prior award winners are:

  • 2022
    • 1st Place Winner (tie): Zhoupeng Zhang, Ming Hu and Jianfu Wang. "Implications of Worker Classification in On-Demand Economy"
    • 1st Place Winner (tie): Ziwei Wang, Jie Song and Jingtong Zhao. "Dynamic Ranking of Physicians in Online Healthcare Platforms with Multiple Service Types"
    • 3rd Place Winner: Ping Chou and Howard Chuang. "Stochastic Churn Modeling with Dynamic Attribution and Bayesian Estimation"
  • 2021
    • 1st Place Winner: Yuliu Su, Ying Xu, Costas Courcoubetis, and Shih-Fen Cheng, "Integrating Empirical Analysis into Analytical Framework: An Integrated Model Structure for On-Demand Transportation"
    • 2nd Place Winner: Wenqian Xing and Cheng Hua, "Patient Transfer Under Ambulance Offload Delays: An Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach"
    • 3rd Place Winner: Luning Bi, Mohammad Fili, and Guiping Hu, "Covid-19 Intervention Policy Optimization for the United States Using a Multi-Population Evolutionary Algorithm"
  • 2020
    • Winner (tie): Kashish Arora, Fanyin Zheng and Karan Girotra, "Private vs. Pooled Transportation: Customer Preference and Congestion Management"
    • Winner (tie): Shuai Hao, Yuqian Xu and Zhankun Sun, “ED Triage: An Empirical Study of Fast-Track Admission”
    • Honorable Mention: Rui Zhu, Faisal Aqlan and Hui Yang, "Optimal Resource Allocation for Coverage Control of City Crimes"
    • Honorable Mention: Anchal Gupta, Youakim Badr, Robin Qiu and Ashkan Negahban, "Enabling Smart Buildings with Reinforcement Learning Controllers to Reduce Energy Consumption"
    • Honorable Mention: Yuxuan Xiu and Wai Kin Victor Chan, "Towards Understanding the Dynamics of COVID-19: An Approach based on Polynomial Regression with Adaptive Sliding Windows"
  • 2019
    • 1st Place Winner: Zihao Jiao, Lun Ran, Xin Liu and Yuli Zhang, "Two-level trip selection and price incentive scheduling in electric vehicle sharing system"
    • 2nd Place Winner: Ruilin Lv, Chengxi Zang, Victor Chan and Wenwu Zhu, "Analyzing WeChat Diffusion Cascade: Pattern Discovery and Prediction"
    • 3rd Place Winner: Jiao Yan and Jing Ma, "Analysis of crude oil price fluctuation characteristics at different time scales based on complex networks"