Section Officers

Section Leadership (2021-2022) 

Weiwei Chen (Chair, 2021-22)
Department of Supply Chain Management
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Guiping Hu (Vice Chair, 2021-22)
Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Iowa State University

Meng (Michael) Li (Secretary/Treasurer, 2021-22)
School of Business
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Board Members

The Board of the Section shall consist of the officers, the two past Chairpersons most recently retired from office and four additional Board members, each serving for a two-year period with two elected every year. Nominations for the Board will normally reflect the spectrum of disciplines and/or roles represented by Section members. The Board will constitute the governing body of the Section and will guide the officers in the administration of Section business.

Past Section Chairs in the Board

Elected Board Members

Paul R. Messinger (Past Chair, 2018-19)
School of Business
University of Alberta

Robin Qiu (Past Chair, 2017)
Professor of Information Science
Penn State University

Kelly Lyons (2021-2022)
University of Toronto

Wai Kin (Victor) Chan
Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School and Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute

Aly Megahed

Paul Maglio
University of California Merced


Advisory Council Members

The Advisory Council of the Section shall consist of between 4-9 members, who are senior leaders in the field of Service Science, Engineering and Practice to provide advice on the development of the Section. Serving on the Council is recognition of the individual's leadership and accomplishments in the field. The Council will overview the operation of the Section, provides advice on various activities, and support Section officers to run the Section effectively and efficiently. In general, the term of an Advisory Council member is three years. In each year, there will be three out-going members and three new members of the Advisory Council, appointed by the current or new Chairperson.

Terms 2019-2021

Terms 2020-2022

Terms 2021-2023

None Appointed

Roland Rust
University of Maryland

Saif Benjaafar
University of Minnesota
EIC of Service Science

Jim Spohrer


Past Section Officers

2020-2021 Office
(January-July) Ming-Hui Huang (Chair), Weiwei Chen (Vice Chair), Guiping Hu (Secretary/Treasurer)
(August-December) Weiwei Chen (Chair), Guiping Hu (Vice Chair), Paul R. Messinger (Secretary/Treasurer)

2018-2019 Office
Paul R. Messinger (Chair), Ming-Hui Huang (Vice Chair), Aly Megahed (Secretary/Treasurer)

2017 Office
Robin Qiu
(Chair, 2017), Paul R. Messinger (Vice Chair), Aly Megahed (Secretary/Treasurer)

2016 Office
Tor W. Andreassen (Chair), Robin Qiu (Vice Chair), Aly Megahed (Secretary/Treasurer)

2015 Office
P.K. Kannan (Chair), Tor W. Andreassen (Vice Chair), Yingdong Lu (Secretary/Treasurer)

2014 Office
Ming-Hui Huang (Chair), P.K. Kannan (Vice Chair), Yingdong Lu (Secretary/Treasurer)

2013 Office
Gregory R. Heim (Chair), Ming-Hui Huang (Vice Chair), Yingdong Lu (Secretary/Treasurer)

2012 Office
Roland Rust (Chair), Gregory R. Heim (Vice Chair), Yingdong Lu (Secretary/Treasurer)

2011 Office
Grace Lin (Chair), Roland Rust (Vice Chair),Gregory R. Heim (Secretary/Treasurer)

2010 Office
Ralph D. Badinelli (Chair), Grace Lin (Vice Chair), Gregory R. Heim (Secretary/Treasurer)
2009 Office
Fugee Tsung (Chair), Ralph D. Badinelli (Vice Chair), Gregory R. Heim (Secretary/Treasurer)
2008 Office
Robin Qiu (Chair), Fugee Tsung (Vice Chair), Gregory R. Heim (Secretary/Treasurer)
2007 Founding Office
Robin Qiu (Chair), Fugee Tsung (Vice Chair), Gregory R. Heim (Secretary/Treasurer)

Founding Members

  1. Robin Qiu ( Penn State)
  2. Richard Larson (MIT) rclarson@MIT.EDU
  3. Jim Spohrer (IBM)
  4. Seth Bonder (CEO of Vector Research)
  5. Steve Pollock (PMichigan)
  6. Roland Rust ( Maryland)
  7. Kathryn Stecke ( Texas - Dallas)
  8. Grace Lin  ( IBM)
  9. Stephen Nash (US NSF)
  10. Suvrajeet Sen (Arizona)
  11. Julie Higle (Ohio State)
  12. Matthew Realff ( US NSF)
  13. Terry Friesz (Penn State)
  14. Sounder Kumara ( Penn State)
  15. Wayne Huang ( Ohio)
  16. Ruoyi Zhou (IBM)
  17. Jim Tien (RPI)
  18. Ping Yu (Australia)
  19. Innar Liiv (Estonia)
  20. Emmanuel Fragnière (Germany)
  21. Ruijian Zhang (Purdue)
  22. Chun Hung Checng ( Hong Kong)
  23. Yingdong Lu (IBM)
  24. Victor Chan (RPI)
  25. Xiuli Chao (North Carolina State University)
  26. David Simchi-Levi (MIT) dslevi@MIT.EDU
  27. Jeff Tew (GM)
  28. Guoqing Zhang (Windsor)
  29. Gabriel Lodewijks ( Delft University of Technology)
  30. Shigeki Sugiyama (Japan)
  31. Rajit Gadh, (UCLA)
  32. Segev Wasserkrug (Israel)
  33. Yoo-Suk (Steve) Hong (Korea)
  34. Gregory Heim (Boston College)
  35. Armann Ingolfsson (Alberta)
  36. Wei Jiang (Stevens)
  37. Fugee Tsung (HKUST)
  38. Brenda Dietrich (IBM)
  39. Tugrul Daim (Portland State)
  40. Antonie Jetter (Portland State)
  41. Richard Essigs (Director of Consumer Products Industry, Global Business Services)
  42. Giovanni Righini (Italy)
  43. Bill Hefley (CMU)
  44. Stefan Holmlid (SWEDEN)
  45. Michael Piovoso (Penn State)
  46. Peggy Lee (Penn State)
  47. Sanjay Joshi (Penn State)
  48. Enrique David Espinosa (México)

Past Board Members
Robin Qiu (2014-2015)
Jim Spohrer (2014-2016)
Richard Larson (2014-2016)
Francesco Moresino (2013-2015)
Christoph Heitz (2013-2015)  
Haluk Demirkan (2013-2015)
Robin G. Qiu (2011-2013)
Roland Rust (2008-2011)
Richard Larson (2007-2010)
Jim Spohrer (2007-2010)
James Tien (2007-2010)
Avishai (Avi) Mandelbaum (2007-2009)
Brenda Dietrich (2007-2009)

Past Council Members

Sunil Mithas (2015-2016)
Roland Rust (2015-2016)
Ming-Hui Huang (2015-2016)
Tor Andreassen (2013-2014)
Ralph Badinelli (2013-2014)
Roland Rust (2013-2014)
Wei Jiang (2011-2012)
Sheneeta W. White (2011-2012)
Kwang-Jae Kim (2010-2011)
Haluk Demirkan (2010-2011)
Bill Hefley (2009-2010)
Sheneeta W. White (2009-2010)
Grace Lin (2008-2009)
Segev Wasserkrug (2008-2009)