Best Conference Paper Award (INFORMS Conference on Service Science)

This award is for the best full paper submitted to and presented at the INFORMS Conference on Service Science. Check the conference site for the details of this award.

Prior award winners are:

  • 2022
    • Winner: Bo Jin, Zhishan Yu and Mingzhu Yu. "Mixed-Integer Linear Programming Formulations for the Inbound Container Remarshaling Problem in an Automated Container Terminal"
  • 2021
    • Winner: Mohammed Amine Bennouna, David Alexandre Nze Ndong, Georgia Perakis, Divya Singhvi, Omar Skali Lami, Ioannis Spantidakis, Leann Thayaparan, Asterios Tsourvas, and Shane Weisberg, "The Power of Analytics in Epidemiology for COVID 19: Prediction, Prevalence, and Vaccine Allocation"
  • 2020
    • Winner (tie): Priyank Arora, Morvarid Rahmani and Karthik Ramachandran, "The Impact of Scalability on Advisory and Service Delivery Efforts of Nonprofits"
    • Winner (tie): Cheng Hua and Tauhid Zaman, “Optimal Dispatch in Emergency Service System via Reinforcement Learning”
  • 2019
    • 1st Place Winner: Hongyan Dai, Baile Lu, Yuqian Xu and Weihua Zhou, "The Value of Personalized Promotion: Field Experiment on O2O Platform"
    • 2nd Place Winner: Chia-Hung Wang and Xiaojing Wu: "Performance Analysis of a Security-Check System with Four Types of Inspection Channels for High-Speed Rail Stations in China"
    • 3rd Place Winner: Mahei Manhai Li, Christoph Peters and Jan Marco Leimeister, "Developing a Production Structure Model using Service Dominant Logic - A hypergraph-based Modeling Approach"