October 2016

October 2016 Meeting

October 26, 2016 | 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics in the Healthcare Environment


The healthcare industry is fortunate to have extraordinary database resources, originally intended for social planning purposes, which can now be deployed for Business Intelligence and Population Health purposes. However the complexity and quality of these data repositories must be thoroughly understood and effectively managed to garner the information and intelligence so desperately needed by the evolving regulatory, economic and competitive environment.

While privacy and confidentiality issues abound in this data environment (HIPAA), the opportunity to understand Community Based Needs and the trends towards a new economic model require all of the expertise of the Data Science field. The infrastructure and quality of massive repositories of structured and unstructured data continue to explode along with the constant evolution of the classifications and codes employed. The capacity to mine the data is equally as dynamic as the tools to evaluate trends and seasonal patterns. Additionally the expertise is evolving to provide longitudinal linkages to understand the progression of conditions and diseases as a part of clinical decision support and the understanding of 'Risk'. We will explore these issues in the context of an industry in fundamental transformation.


Paul Savage

Paul Savage

Director, Healthcare Management Program and Director Center for Healthcare Analytics, Iona College, Hagan School of Business; Adjunct Professor, Hofstra University and New York Medical College; President, HealthCare Intelligence LLC

Originally trained in Industrial Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and an Executive MBA from Pace University, Mr. Savage has spent more then four decades in the Healthcare Industry. He founded HealthCare Intelligence LLC more then 15 years ago and undertook an academic career five years ago at Iona College, Hofstra and NYMC. He is also active in research with Mt. Sinai Medical School and Pace University. He has participated in the recent DSRIP projects funded by the State and Federal government with $8 Billion to transform the fundamental structure of the industry. The Center for Healthcare Analytics has been providing a Population Health perspective to providers, regulators and social agencies to provide a vision of the future and understand the transformative impact now being experienced.