November 2014

November 2014 Meeting

November 19, 2014 | 12:00pm - 2:00pm

We were all doing it wrong— the bridge from 'data' to 'decisions' should be built decision first.

Data Science and Analytics have a "last mile" problem— decision makers don't find it easy to convert the predictions and insights into action. Much of the innovation so far has been on the data side, such as Big Data science, predictive analytics, machine learning, dashboarding, visualization and executive self-service. These attempts will continue to have the "last mile" problem of executive apathy and underuse. For all the buzz, executives are not going to become data scientists for another generation of leaders, if ever. In this talk, Gaurav Rastogi outlines how the right way to bridge data and decisions is to start with decisions first. By first focusing on decisions and the decision making experience, the full impact of analytics can be experienced in today's corporate environment. He will talk about how "Decision Engineering" is the way of the future.


Gaurav Rastogi

Gaurav Rastogi


Gaurav Rastogi leads Absolutdata's Sales and Account Management, and is also driving us into Decision Engineering. In his nearly two decades of work, he has built sales organizations to scale at all levels; most recently driving sales transformation at a $7.5 bn global IT services company.

Begin with the end in mind. Details matter, it's worth waiting to get it right— these mantras drive Gaurav's outlook; whether it's a complex business transformation or a weekend painting project. He meditates on the big picture and also fusses over the smallest detail; but he lets the path between these two emerge on its own.

Gaurav is an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, and has an engineering undergrad from the Delhi College of Engineering, both top ranking programs.

Gaurav is a prolific writer, taking care to craft a haiku for his out-of-office email messages, and also writing business books when he can. So far he has been published in two books: Offshore: How India Got Back on the Global Business Map and Leadership@Infosys, both published by Penguin Books.

In serious business meetings he is likely to be found sketching into his Leuchtturm journal ("Details make all the difference," he says) with his fountain pens ("bulletproof ink can be good to look at", he says), translating his thoughts and ideas into intricate mind maps and sketched-out storyboards. He dabbles in graffiti lettering and is learning to appreciate the street art of urban Americana. He is also a certified yoga instructor and volunteers at a weekend yoga class. He lives in the San Francisco bay area where the weather, innovation economy and cultural energy are to his liking, but the taxes and traffic remind him of his hometown.