January 2016

January 20, 2016 | 12:00pm - 2:00pm

The Coming Analytics Convergence – Hadoop + DB

Data is growing at astronomic rates. "Digital Exhaust" is the creation of all our connected systems, sensors, and everything else.

IDC predicts the world will have created 44 Zettabytes by 2020. As we begin 2016, businesses are starting to leverage newer technologies and techniques to analyze the ever growing data sets. Machine Learning, Hadoop, Storm, Kakfa, & Spark, along with other technologies are becoming common business terms.

This trend hasn't eluded the manufacturers of Data Warehouses and traditional databases. On the flip side, the newer technologies like Hadoop aren't profitable yet. The two classes of technologies and respective vendors are hurdling head long into a merged world… We will talk a little about how this is starting to play out…


Keith Manthey

Keith Manthey

CTO Analytics, EMC

Keith is the CTO of Analytics for EMC's Emerging Technology Division. He joined EMC in April of 2015, bringing more then 24 years of Identity Fraud Analytics experience, alternative and traditional data architectures experience, and Financial Systems' Data and Analytics experience. Keith is an advisory board member of the University of Georgia's Management of Information Systems School.

Keith participated and oversaw the creation of a High Performance Distributed Computing environment in 2002 at Equifax. Upon the creation of the first iteration of the Distributed Computing environment, Keith went on to lead the entire Data Platforms group as the Vice President in charge of all new Data Platforms at Equifax. Keith was the IT Owner for the National Interest Team supporting the classified US Government branches and active Advisor to Equifax's Security Analytics endeavors. In his role, Keith partnered with external business customers to build solutions that benefited both parties. The strength of Keith's team was to pore through petabytes of data and turn the information into valuable business insights. In particular, Keith and his team revolutionized Equifax's Identity Resolution tool on behalf of the major telecommunication carriers to cut fraud during online smart phone purchases. This Identity Resolution platform led to a CIO100 award for innovation and a patent for the technology. In another partnership, Keith partnered with a global bank based in Edinburgh, Scotland looking at Graph Data relationships to combat Fraud and reduce write offs for bad debts. This partnership led to a current patent pending that was filed in early 2015. Keith holds 2 other patents for Analytic Automation tools. Prior to Equifax, Keith spent time as a partner in a small consulting practice focused on alternative data architectures and in a variety of technology and leadership positions at Choicepoint, Capital One, Freddie Mac, and Prudential Securities.

Keith regularly speaks at conferences, publishes papers in industry journals, and serves as a panelist on such topics as Big Data, Data Science, Information Assurance, and Analytics. Keith is a graduate of both the University of Georgia with a Masters of Management Information Systems and from Virginia Tech with a B.S. in Accounting.