April 2016

April 2016 Meeting

April 20, 2016 | 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Comparison of association, product network analysis and sequence analysis to identify product & service purchase patterns in B2B businesses

There are several efficient methods and tools that currently exist to understand association patterns between consumption of products and services both for B2B and B2C verticals. In this study, we will dive deep into the tools, methods, pros and cons of different analytics methods such as market basket, sequence analysis and product network analysis for cross selling, next best purchase and assortment opportunities. The study will also talk about the nuances of longitudinal association vs. point in time association. We have used open source tools like Gephi, Sankey charts vs. Tableau and Alteryx and also referenced several existing research.


Ruchika Singh

Ruchika Singh

Ruchika is an Associate Director at Ogilvy Analytics, New York. She has been in the Analytics Industry for the last 8 years and her experience ranges from Digital Analytics to Advanced Analytics for CRM and Marketing in retail , technology and e-commerce.

She has graduated in Marketing and Media Research and holds a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering. Having worked on both client and agency side, Ruchika understands the significance of implementation and feasibility when it comes to analytics solutions. Some of her key projects include direct mail campaign restructuring using Churn Model, Value and Behavioral Segmentation and an Email Personalization model for a famous fashion retailer.

In her most recent role, Ruchika is consulting several large scale enterprises on their digital data transformation and helping them apply CRM analytics through a digital lens. She also played a pivotal role in setting up the India Analytics Service for Ogilvy before she moved to NYC.

Ruchika is passionate about marketing analytics as she truly believes that effective communication is borne out of customer insights. She is well versed in SAS, SPSS,R and Tableau and has worked on predictive models, segmentation analysis, brand driver study, social text mining and digital analytics during her career.