Presentation Competition

The INFORMS Aviation Applications Section (AAS) will hold a Best Student Presentation Competition at the 2023 INFORMS Annual Meeting in Phoenix. AAS is sponsoring this competition for undergraduate and graduate students who are members of the INFORMS Aviation Applications Section. A certificate of recognition and a cash prize will be awarded.
To enter the competition, the following criteria must be satisfied:

  • The presenter must be a member of AAS for the year 2023.
  • The presentation must be in an area relevant to aviation research or practice (e.g. airline operations, air traffic management, urban aerial mobility, unmanned aerial systems, revenue management).
  • The presenter must provide an extended abstract (one or two pages in length) as per the Extended Abstract Template provided on the AAS website. The extended abstracts should be emailed to Gianmarco Andreana (, the Committee Chair, by 5 p.m. CDT on July 1, 2023.
  • Each presenter is allowed to submit at most one abstract for the competition.
  • The presenter must be an undergraduate or graduate student at the time of extended abstract submission deadline (i.e. on July 1, 2023), and the presentation must be based on the research conducted while he/she was a student.

The winner will be chosen based on both the quality of the presentation itself and the extended abstract. AAS looks forward to an exciting set of submissions this year! For further information, please contact Gianmarco Andreana

Committee members:


Gianmarco Andreana

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Fanruiqi Zeng

Georgia Institution of Technology

Luis Cadarso Morga

Rey Juan Carlos University

Chris Chin

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Alexander Stewart Estes

University of Minnesota

Past Winners


First Place

Wayne Ng, Singapore University of Technology and Design

"The Terminal Airspace Sequencing and Scheduling Problem (TASSP):An Optimization Approach"



First Place

Gianmarco Andreana, University of Bergamo

"Competing on Emission Charges"

Honorable mention

Kevin Wang, MIT

"Airline Dynamic Offer creation Using a Markov Chain Choice Model"


First Place

Lu Dai, University of California Berkeley
Sequential Prediction Of Flight Anomaly Using Real-time Data: A Case Study For Go-around

Honorable Mention

Fanruiqi Zeng, Georgia Tech

Trajectory Planning for Mission Survivability of Autonomous Vehicles in Moderately to Extremely Uncertain Environments



First Place

Max Li, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Conservative Selective Redistribution of Airport Delays

Honorable Mention

Jing Gao, University of Minnesota
Collaborative Sensing and Routing in the National Air Space


First Place

Rachael E. Tompa, Stanford University
Rerouting Aircraft during Space Launches using Adaptive Spatial Discretization

Pictured:  Andrew Churchill (AAS Chair), Rachael E. Tompa (middle, recipient), Heng Chen (2019 Presentation Committee

Honorable Mention

Junhong Guo, University of Michigan.
A Delayed Column Generation Approach for Solving a Cargo Crew Scheduling Problem


First Place

Xiaojia Guo, University College London
Forecasting Airport Transfer Passenger Flow Using Real-Time Data and Machine Learning

Pictured: Vikrant Vaze (left, chair of the Aviation Applications Section), Xiaojia Guo (middle, recipient), Alexandre Jacquillat (right, secretary/treasurer of the Aviation Applications Section)

Honorable Mention

Maryam Torabbeigi, University of Houston.
Impact of Payload Amount on Battery Consumption Rate in a Delivery Application of Drones


First Place

Behrooz Pourghannad, University of Minnesota
A Static Model in Single Leg Flight Airline Revenue Management

Honorable Mention

Nuno Ribeiro, Carnegie Mellon University
An Optimization Approach for Airport Slot Allocation under the IATA Guidelines


First Place

Mike Wittman, MIT
Customized Offers in Airline RM


Mike Wittman (Center) with the Presentation Award Committee Chair, Lavanya Marla (Left) and the Section Chair, Senay Solak (Right)

Honorable Mention

Reed Harder, Dartmouth College
Two-Stage Modeling of Airline Frequency and Competition


Reed Harder (Center) with the Presentation Award Committee Chair, Lavanya Marla (Left) and the Section Chair, Senay Solak (Right)


First Place

Chiwei Yan, MIT
Robust Aircraft Routing


Chiwei Yan receives the award from the Section Chair, Senay Solak.


First Place

Heng Chen,  of Massachusetts at Amherst
Optimal Metering Point Locations for Optimized Profile Descent Operations at Airports

Honorable Mention

James Jones,  of Maryland at College Park
Managing Terminal Airspace Demand Uncertainty with En-Route Speed Control


First Place

Alexandre Jacquillat, MIT
Airport Congestion Mitigation through Schedule Coordination: An Integrated Approach


Alexandre Jacquillat receives the award from the Section Secretary/Treasurer, Vikrant Vaze.

Honorable Mention

Yi Liu, University of California Berkeley
Cost Optimization under Capacity Uncertainty in Ground Delay Program: Single Airport Case


Yi Liu receives the award from the Section Chair, Thomas Vossen.