Keynote Presentations

Keynote Presentations

2016 INFORMS Annual Meeting

Operations Research at FedEx: Looking Back, Looking Forward
 - by William Payson, Staff VP at FedEx


2015 INFORMS Annual Meeting

FAA’s Modernized Terminal Area Forecast
 - by Dipasis Bhadra, Senior Economist, FAA


2014 INFORMS Annual Meeting

The Case for Autonomy in Airspace Operations
 - by Parimal Kopardekar, Principal Investigator for NASA's NextGen Airspace projects 

2013 INFORMS Annual Meeting

Next Generation Tools for Airlines & Customers: Cross-Leveraging IT & OR
 - by Theresa Wise, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Delta Air Lines

2011 INFORMS Annual Meeting

The Airlines' Evolving Revenue Models: Current Practice and Future Developments
 - by Scott Nason, Former Vice President of Revenue Management at American Airlines.