Recent Publications

Recent Publications

Following is a list of working papers and sample recent papers that have appeared in INFORMS journals. You are invited to submit your published or working papers here. Please send your papers to the AAS webmaster Heng Chen.

Working papers

Barkol, Omer, Meiran Rubinstein, Tomer Sagi, Inbal Tadeski, and Guy Wiener. “US2014: A Large-Scale Benchmark For Airline Disruption Management.” ResearchGate, 2017. [URL]

Operations Research

Xia, Yan, Rajan Batta, and Rakesh Nagi. “Controlling a Fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Collect Uncertain Information in a Threat Environment.” Operations Research, 2017. [URL]

Management Science

Carlsson, John Gunnar, and Siyuan Song. “Coordinated Logistics with a Truck and a Drone.” Management Science, 2017. [URL]  

Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Cui, Yao, Izak Duenyas, and Ozge Sahin. “Unbundling of Ancillary Service: How Does Price Discrimination of Main Service Matter?” Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 2018. [URL]

Transportation Science

Agatz, Niels, Paul Bouman, and Marie Schmidt. “Optimization Approaches for the Traveling Salesman Problem with Drone.” Transportation Science, 2018. [URL]

Arıkan, Uğur, Sinan Gürel, and M. Selim Aktürk. “Flight Network-Based Approach for Integrated Airline Recovery with Cruise Speed Control.” Transportation Science, 2017. [URL]

Avella, Pasquale, Maurizio Boccia, Carlo Mannino, and Igor Vasilyev. “Time-Indexed Formulations for the Runway Scheduling Problem.” Transportation Science, 2017. [URL]

De Maere, Geert, Jason A. D. Atkin, and Edmund K. Burke. “Pruning Rules for Optimal Runway Sequencing.” Transportation Science, 2017. [URL]

Faust, Oliver, Jochen Gönsch, and Robert Klein. “Demand-Oriented Integrated Scheduling for Point-to-Point Airlines.” Transportation Science, 2017. [URL]

Frey, Markus, Ferdinand Kiermaier, and Rainer Kolisch. “Optimizing Inbound Baggage Handling at Airports.” Transportation Science, 2017. [URL]

Frey, Markus, Rainer Kolisch, and Christian Artigues. “Column Generation for Outbound Baggage Handling at Airports.” Transportation Science, 2017. [URL]

Jacquillat, Alexandre, and Vikrant Vaze. “Interairline Equity in Airport Scheduling Interventions.” Transportation Science, 2018. [URL]

Jones, James C., David J. Lovell, and Michael O. Ball. “Stochastic Optimization Models for Transferring Delay Along Flight Trajectories to Reduce Fuel Usage.” Transportation Science, 2017. [URL]

Koch, Sebastian, Jochen Gönsch, and Claudius Steinhardt. “Dynamic Programming Decomposition for Choice-Based Revenue Management with Flexible Products.” Transportation Science, 2017. [URL]

Lehouillier, Thibault, Moncef Ilies Nasri, François Soumis, Guy Desaulniers, and Jérémy Omer. “Solving the Air Conflict Resolution Problem Under Uncertainty Using an Iterative Biobjective Mixed Integer Programming Approach.” Transportation Science, 2017. [URL]

Solak, Senay, and Heng Chen. “Optimal Metering Point Configurations for Optimized Profile Descent Based Arrival Operations at Airports.” Transportation Science, 2017. [URL]

Solak, Senay, Gustaf Solveling, John-Paul B. Clarke, and Ellis L. Johnson. “Stochastic Runway Scheduling.” Transportation Science, 2018. [URL]

You are more than welcome to submit your working papers here. Please send your papers to the AAS webmaster Heng Chen.