Recent Publications

Recent Publications

Following is a list of working papers and sample recent papers that have appeared in INFORMS journals. You are invited to submit your published or working papers here. Please send your papers to the AAS webmaster Reed Harder.

Working papers

Barkol, Omer, Meiran Rubinstein, Tomer Sagi, Inbal Tadeski, and Guy Wiener. “US2014: A Large-Scale Benchmark For Airline Disruption Management.” ResearchGate, 2017. [URL]

Decision Analysis

Dillon, Robin L., William J. Burns, and Richard S. John. "Insights for Critical Alarm-Based Warning Systems from a Risk Analysis of Commercial Aviation Passenger Screening." Decision Analysis, 2018. [URL]

INFORMS Journal on Computing

Sumida, Mika, and Huseyin Topaloglu. 2019. "An Approximation Algorithm for Capacity Allocation Over a Single Flight Leg with Fare-Locking." INFORMS Journal on Computing, 2019. [URL]

Management Science

Cui, Yao, A. Yeşim Orhun, and Izak Duenyas. "How Price Dispersion Changes When Upgrades Are Introduced: Theory and Empirical Evidence from the Airline Industry." Management Science, 2018. [URL]

Transportation Science

Bertsimas, Dimitris, Allison Chang, Velibor V. Mišić, Nishanth Mundru. “The Airlift Planning Problem.” Transportation Science, 2019. [URL]

Büsing, Christina, Daniel Kadatz, and Catherine Cleophas. "Capacity Uncertainty in Airline Revenue Management: Models, Algorithms, and Computations." Transportation Science, 2019. [URL]

De Jong, Gerben, Christiaan Behrens, Hester van Herk, Erik Verhoef. “Domestic Market Power in the International Airline Industry.” Transportation Science, 2019. [URL]

Gambella, Claudio, Andrea Lodi, and Daniele Vigo. "Exact Solutions for the Carrier–Vehicle Traveling Salesman Problem." Transportation Science, 2018. [URL]

Haouari, Mohamed, Farah Zeghal Mansour, Hanif D. Sherali. “A New Compact Formulation for the Daily Crew Pairing Problem.” Transportation Science, 2019. [URL]

Wei, Keji, and Vikrant Vaze. "Modeling Crew Itineraries and Delays in the National Air Transportation System." Transportation Science, 2018. [URL]

You are more than welcome to submit your working papers here. Please send your papers to the AAS webmaster Reed Harder