INFORMS Links Related to Education

Note: The following pages are not maintained by INFORM-ED. If you have suggestions for additions or changes to any of the web pages listed below, please follow instructions on the pages themselves.

  • The Teaching Effectiveness Colloquium has information on INFORMS teaching and industry colloquia.
  • The INFORMS Student Union which contains information such as a career center and learning center.
  • The INFORMS Education homepage contains information for operations research students, for operations research instructors, for math teachers, and for operations research practitioners.
  • The Educational Programs in OR/MS site contains links to educational programs in Operations Research and the Management Sciences.

Other Links

Material that does not fit neatly into any of the other categories, but is likely to be of interest to INFORM-ED members.

POMS Education links

Production and Operations Management Society education page ( - Of particular interest at the POMS website might be the new teaching initiative. The mission of the POMS Teaching Initiative is to investigate how POMS can provide the vision for improved teaching in OM. 
DSI Education links

Decision Sciences Institute Best Case Studies Award promotes case-based teaching and the development of new instructional case studies.

Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to publication of significant research relevant to teaching and learning issues in the decision sciences. 
ASA Education links

The American Statistical Association section on education provides links to conferences, publications, and other statistics education information. 
SOMA (The Service Operations Management Area on the Web) has links to courses in Service Operations Management, among other things.

Mathematical Programming Glossary contains terms specific to mathematical programming and related disciplines like economics, computer science, and mathematics.

Resources for Management Science in Spreadsheets, including textbooks and add-in software, maintained by Tom Grossman.

OM Center -- links relevant to Operations Management by Mc-Graw Hill.

Spreadsheets, Mathematics, Science, and Statistics Education -- books, papers, examples, etc.