Prior to 1995 there was little if any formal activity by INFORMS regarding support for postsecondary education. While there was an INFORMS Education Committee, there was very little organized activity around education. For example, there was no education track at the meetings, no education section in Interfaces or OR/MS Today, and no education representation on the Board.

In 1995, a group of eight people led by Erhan Erkut of the University of Alberta and including members of the INFORMS Business School Education Task Force (chartered by the Presidents of ORSA and TIMS, Dick Larson and Gary Lilien in 1994) founded the INFORMS Education Forum (INFORM-ED), with the goal of providing education programs to post-secondary teachers of OR/MS.

Purpose of INFORM-ED

• To encourage interest in the field of operations research and the management sciences.

• To encourage discussion and interaction among individuals having interest in the teaching of operations research and management sciences at institutions of higher education, and its relationship to the profession of operations research and the management sciences.

• To advise the INFORMS Board, Committees, and Subdivisions on issues concerning the teaching of operations research and management sciences at institutions of higher education and to keep them apprised of developments in this area.

• To encourage, support and provide workshops, programming, publications and other activities to enhance the teaching of operations research and management sciences.

Submit a Paper, Article or Case

INFORMS Transactions on Education publishes high-quality articles in a variety of areas related to the teaching of OR/MS.

INFORM-ED sponsors a regular column in OR/MS Today titled Issues in Education.

Interfaces publishes education-related articles under the Teacher's Forum heading.

INFORMS is soliciting cases and other teaching materials at www.informs.org/index.php?c=305&kat=Cases+and+Teaching+Materials.

Chair a Session or Present a Workshop

Education sessions at the annual INFORMS conference are sponsored by INFORM-ED. If you are interested in chairing a session or giving an education-related presentation at one of those conferences, contact the INFORM-ED VP-Programs. If you are interested in organizing a workshop at an INFORMS conference, contact the Continuing Education/Workshops Committee.

Participate in INFORM-ED or other INFORMS Education Initiatives

Submit material to the INFORM-ED e-mail newsletter.

Become an INFORM-ED officer.

Submit or review teaching cases for INFORMS Case and Teaching Materials atwww.informs.org/index.php?c=305&kat=Cases+and+Teaching+Materials

Send suggestions to Kellie Keeling for additional links or materials to include in the INFORM-ED webpages.

Provide Your Ideas and Input

If you want to informally make a suggestion, discuss an idea, or share an opportunity for furthering OR/MS education, please contact one of the officers of INFORM-ED.