Combined Colloquia

2010 INFORMS Combined Colloquia
November 5-6, 2010 Austin, TX

Joel Sokol and Dawn Strickland

Call for Nominations by July 15, 2010

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The 2010 INFORMS Combined Colloquia will be held on November 5-6, the Friday and Saturday preceding the INFORMS Annual Meeting in Austin, TX. This Combined Colloquia will feature the:

Teaching Effectiveness Colloquium
Future Academician Colloquium
Future Practitioner Colloquium

All three colloquia are sponsored by INFORMS, INFORM-ED, the INFORMS Student Affairs Committee and Omega Rho, and are designed to provide the attendees with technical material, career experiences from senior and junior OR/MS professionals, and an environment for networking.

The Teaching Effectiveness Colloquium, previously held as a free-standing workshop in the summer, is now part of the 2010 INFORMS Annual Meeting. This colloquium brings together a focused group of participants and a faculty of experts, with the goal of improving teaching effectiveness. The colloquium provides a practical background in learning theory, communicates effective strategies for teaching management science, and creates an ongoing learning community for monitoring and sharing pedagogical experiments.

The Future Academician Colloquium is organized with current doctoral students in mind. The theme for the academician colloquium will be "Steps to Success." It will include sessions dedicated to navigating the job hunt, developing a successful research program, becoming an effective teacher, and dealing with work-life balance issues.

The Future Practitioners Colloquium has been organized with current doctoral student participation in mind; however, applications will be accepted for new practitioners (those within three years of starting their first practice job) as well. This colloquium will feature sessions focusing on career paths for OR/MS professionals, challenges that new practitioners experience, discussions concerning choosing between an academic and a practice career, what managers seek when hiring new employees, and suggestions concerning how to find a job as well as how to become a successful OR/MS practitioner.