INFORMS values and seeks diverse and inclusive participation within the membership and profession it represents. To achieve this goal, INFORMS is committed to providing an environment that encourages and supports equal opportunity, free expression, freedom from discrimination, harassment and retaliation, full participation in all activities and leadership, and collaboration among people of different backgrounds.



Editor's Cut: "Diversity & Inclusion: Analytics for Social Impact"

This Editor's Cut highlights a number of especially interesting points of view, seeking to highlight outstanding case studies but also the concept's internal contradictions.

Informs Annual Meeting 2019

INFORMS Annual Meeting 2019

Academics, industry experts, students, INFORMS members, and representatives of government agencies join together in the operations research, management science, and analytics event of the year. Listen to intriguing plenary and semi-plenary presentations, panel discussions, tutorials, and some of the thousands of oral and poster presentations.

Diversity in STEM

A New Report Uses Data To Drive Diversity In STEM Fields

Corporate boardrooms in the worlds of finance and law have made strides in recent years in terms of opening their doors to women and people of color. Yet, as we have seen recently in the news, Silicon Valley and other STEM-related fields like biotechnology remain largely boy’s clubs.

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