Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Events at the Virtual 2020 INFORMS Annual Meeting

Events sponsored by the INFORMS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, the Minority Issues Forum (MIF), and the Forum on Women in OR/MS (WORMS)

Events At-A-Glance

Pre-Conference, Saturday, November 7
Combined Colloquia Panel O.R./Analytics Career Development to Support Diversity, Equity and Justice
Teaching Effectiveness Colloquium Workshop Anti-Racist Pedagogy
Sunday, November 8
SA41; Virtual Room 41 Women Junior Faculty Empowerment
SA42; Virtual Room 42 Diversity and STEM Policy Considerations for INFORMS Members
4–5pm Minority Issues Forum Business Meeting
Monday, November 9
MB08; Virtual Room 08 Funding Opportunities for OR/MS at NSF
MC42; Virtual Room 42 DEI Ambassador Program
MC57; Virtual Room 57 INFORMS TutORial: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Decision Sciences: A Research Agenda for Scholarship, Practice and Service
MD41; Virtual Room 41 Time Management and Staying Productive while Working Remotely
5:45–6:45pm WORMS Business Meeting and Awards Ceremony
Tuesday, November 10
TC08; Virtual Room 08 NSF Proposal Writing Workshop
TD19; Virtual Room 19 Community-Based Operations Research
2:30pm EST Networking Lounge Floor 5 FacilitatOR Sommer Gentry hosts discussion on anti-racist teaching practices
Wednesday, November 11
WB29; Virtual Room 29 MIF Paper Competition
WC05; Virtual Room 05 Diversity and Inclusion in the Field of Analytics
WC29; Virtual Room 29 MIF Early Career Award
Friday, November 13
FC29; Virtual Room 29 Diversity Statements and Beyond
3:30–4:30pm Keynote Address: Underrepresentation in STEM: A Danger to the Health of the Nation; Richard Tapia