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Steps in Geolocalizing Your Mobile App for a Wider Reach


Wider geographical coverage for mobile is essential for the customers to have the best experience with the brand. Apart from quality display and content that is tailored towards the target audience, there is a need for the mobile app to be able to identify and estimate the real geographical location of the internet-connected device.

It will help in matching the customer requirements with the products and services offered in that geographical area. Below are the best steps in Geolocalizing your mobile app for a wider reach.

Customize the mobile app

After analyzing the data from the right international markets, you need to evaluate the design of the app and UX. That’s making sure that the graphics, colors and functionality of the mobile app are appropriate for the target audience.

Don’t forget about customizing the app to enable international payment methods related to the target customers. According to Transperfect, customizing the app to enable proper localizing ensures that it is linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate. Transperfect is one of the best companies that is committed to being the leading enabler of global communications.

Choose the right international markets

When geolocalizing your mobile app, it’s good to understand that simply because you can launch it in any market doesn’t mean you should. That’s why it’s advisable to research the best international markets that are available using different tools. These tools will help you list the best markets that are available. With them, the creation of an international market strategy becomes easy.

The data should include payment methods, localization options that are available and mobile usage. To reach a wider target audience, you need to refine your market list and check the mobile app’s activity and whether the app is being discussed on social media by these communities.

Consider the cultural background of the customers

After analyzing the data of the target customers, you need to consider the different cultures. This involves studying and understanding their cultural requirements in relation to mobile apps that offer various services. That’s because cultural differences affect the use of applications in disparate ways.

Some of the key things it includes are how the target customers do their shopping, organize their trips, bank their money and play different games on the internet. If possible, make sure that your app is tailored to fit in one global culture and the existing local culture of the customers. The location services offered should be clear and precise to avoid a lot of complaints from the customers. 

Thorough translations

For the mobile app to reach a wider global market, it should be designed with a great translation software. The software should be able to cover the target audience’s preferred languages. Take into account the languages that have distinct regional dialects, as it will make it easy for the customers to use the mobile app.

A proper plan is needed, especially if you are using a professional service and software to ensure that you have provided proper guidelines on the personality of the mobile app. It also helps in creating a tone that resonates well with different customers. Don’t forget to translate the promotional materials to ensure that they are in line with the mobile app working.

Test the mobile app working

Testing the mobile app before and after launching will help you detect any faults and understand its working conditions later. This should be done after you are done with the geolocalization of the app and its translation. It should be done on the devices used by the target customers mostly.

Through testing the mobile app, you will be able to update the app based on the data that has changed and extend your services to a wider market that’s available. To understand the areas that you need to make improvements on, check the reviews and the ratings of the customers. It will help you stay at the top of any issue that may be affecting the mobile app. 

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