Adrenaline Rush Activities to Beat the Workplace Blues

By James Mellor posted 05-17-2021 12:28


Do you always wake up bursting with energy and keen to get to work? If that doesn’t sound like you, you could be suffering from Monday blues or even all-week blues and a few adrenaline rush activities are guaranteed to fight the blues. 


Pleasure boating


It’s time to take your drab workplace blues to fab and find activities that are so exciting they make you want to do them in the rain or snow. When you’ve got a boat and boat license, you can always expect thrilling weekends and getaways. 


You just need to make sure you have a WA boating license as this Washington Boater Education Card proves that you have successfully completed all state-mandated boater education requirements. Boatsmart is accredited to educate and certify boaters for their Pleasure Craft Operator Card, which is valid in Canada and the United States. 


All operators of a motorized pleasure craft must have proof that they can operate the vessel, and with it, you’ll find your workday blues turning to chilled fun feelings.




Wild water rafting is an awesome way to experience nature. You are jostled around in your rubber dinghy and you go hurtling through precarious rapids on the likes of the Arkansas River, Colorado, the Chattooga River, South Carolina or one of the other majestic, turbulent rivers.


If you join a tour, you get experienced guides that take you on the water for 2 to 4 hours or even for 2 to 4 days if you like. It can be exhilarating braving the rapids and these rafting trips are guaranteed to wash all workday blues right out of your system. Being tossed and rocked around on a wild, action-packed river guarantees thrills galore for the adventurer.




Ziplining is an exciting activity for sure and it’s guaranteed to blow workday blues and stress right out of you. You get magnificent views as you whizz over valleys and forests. With working so hard, you may be spending way too much time indoors, and with ziplining, you breathe in fresh air and your bottled-up stress is released. 


When the experience is over, you’ll want to try it again so it’s not surprising that these zip lines are appearing in resorts, allowing one to fly over natural areas and at top speeds.


SCAD diving


An adrenaline junkie from Germany came up with the idea of SCAD diving. SCAD is an acronym for Suspended Catch Air Device.


It is fairly similar to bungee diving, only with this type of diving, you simply plunge down with no strings attached like what you have with bungee jumping. You are hoisted up about 150 feet on a crane and dropped. 


Fortunately, there is a safety net at the bottom of your fall, Anyone can take part in it and no training is required. With this daredevil thrill ride, all work issues you have will be blasted right out of you.


Face to face with crocs


Some people think that coming face to face with a shark is hairraising enough and pushing your limits, but coming face to face with a crocodile or alligator in a cage of death can have you wishing you were back in the safe environment of your office.


Designed to be an educational trip as well to examine the amazement of the 6-meter reptile, you won’t even notice things like that as the scaly creature, with jaws open, comes up close to examine you as a real possibility. 


You get lowered into the crocodile’s realm, where you can spend as long as 15 minutes with these cold, mindless creatures. As you stare into its hungry eyes, you may find yourself rattling on the cage to be hoisted out of the creature’s murky world. 

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