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Is your chapter lacking spark, energy, invigoration? If so, then reactivate and re-energize it by hosting a Regional Analytics Conference in your area. 

INFORMS Regional Analytics Conferences are a collaborative effort between INFORMS and the INFORMS Analytics Society which enable a regional chapter to host a meeting at no cost or loss. INFORMS Regional Analytics Conferences offer INFORMS members, Analytics Society members, regional chapter members and other interested professionals an excellent forum for sharing research, networking, and learning. They provide the opportunity to exchange information and discuss ideas and perspectives with colleagues, face-to-face.  INFORMS encourages regional chapters to build stronger communities and promote their interest area through conferences and workshops. In addition, the INFORMS Meetings Committee views these meetings as favorable as they provide a financial benefit to local Chapters, create regional and local awareness of analytics professionals in the area who are not currently either an INFORMS member or Chapter member, with the intent of transitioning them to full INFORMS membership. 

Here’s how it works:  With the support of the Analytics Society, the Chapter develops the program content and obtains the speakers. INFORMS handles the logistics such as conference website, marketing, on-line registration, name badges, signage and food and beverage. The Chapter is a guaranteed a flat fee from INFORMS for producing the meeting.  If for some reason the meeting loses money, INFORMS, not the Chapter, takes the loss. This is a great way to maximize your Chapter’s exposure and minimize potential risk.

The Regional Analytics Conferences can be held at any time throughout the year, except for October (or November?) and April when the INFORMS Annual Meeting and Analytics meetings are held. 

If you are interested in further exploring the potential of holding a Regional Analytics Conference, please contact Shelley Renn, Director, Meetings at INFORMS at 443-757-3593 or srenn@informs.org.