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First Workshop on Mathematical Optimization in Market Design 

June 18-19, 2018, Ithaca, NY
(co-located with ACM EC 2018)

sponsored by the INFORMS Section on Auctions and Market Design

Mathematical optimization, in particular linear and integer linear programming, plays a central role in the design and analysis of multi-object markets and also provides a central foundation for theoretical models of multi-object markets. Algorithms for the solution of integer linear programs have seen substantial progress in the past two decades, allowing for totally new types of markets in different domains. While Leonid Kantorovich and Tjalling Koopmans received the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for their work on linear programming and optimal resource allocation as early as 1975, the advances in more recent years have been staggering and have made many new markets possible that were not considered tractable just a few years ago. However, market design is more than just mathematical programming, as it takes into consideration bidding strategies and human behavior. Apart from the computational tractability and optimality of a market outcome, market designers try to satisfy properties such as stability, fairness, and incentive-compatibility. These properties combine to create interesting design problems in applications such as spectrum sales, supply-chain management, kidney exchanges, school choice, or course allocation.

The workshop brings together researchers and also practitioners designing markets, developing algorithms and theory for multi-object markets with or without money. Topics include but are not limited to 
  • Computational optimization in markets
  • Pricing in non-convex markets
  • Iterative multi-object auctions 
  • Matching with constraints and complex preferences
Presentations will be based on invitations, but we also solicit submissions from the community addressing one or more of the topics mentioned above.

Workshop Registration
The registration deadline for the workshop is April 3, 2018.

The participation fee for presenters and non-presenters is $120 to cover food expenses.

Members of the INFORMS Auctions and Market Design Section receive a discounted registration fee of $90.

Local Accommodations

For your convenience, a block of hotel rooms has been reserved at the Statler Hotel at Cornell University at the following discounted rates. June 17 and 18 the rate is $tbd (plus room tax and fees). Rooms can be reserved at the hotel registration site.

Please make sure to reserve your room before April 3, 2018 to receive the discounted rate.