Recent Projects

The WSC Foundation accepts proposals for funding special projects to enhance a WSC or to assure the continuance of WSC. Proposals for grants or loans from the WSCF must be prepared using the template provided, and submitted to the WSCF Trustees via the WSC Board of Directors. A funding decision will be made within 30 days of the receipt of a completed proposal by a vote of the WSCF Trustees. Below are brief descriptions of past projects supported by the Foundation.


The WSC Foundation provided funds for U.S. military personnel to attend the conference. The military track has been an important part of the conference, and its existence was threatened by Federal budget sequestration in 2013, and the budget shutdown from October 1 to October 16, 2013.


The WSC Foundation is providing travel funds for the three speakers in the Cross-Fertilization track. The purpose of the track is to engage WSC researchers with top researchers in fields not usually associated with WSC, but where simulation analysis and modeling methodologies have potential for great impact.


The WSC Foundation provided travel funds for five underrepresented minority Ph.D. students and junior faculty to attend the conference. The purpose was to help bring diverse attendees who we hope will continue to attend WSC and contribute to the simulation community in future years. 


The WSC Foundation is providing travel funds to allow a greater number of students to attend WSC. The purpose is to enhance WSC and grow the WSC community in future years by introducing the next generation of simulation professionals to the conference.