The purpose of the WSC Foundation (WSCF) is to develop and manage a Fund to help ensure the continuance and high quality of the Winter Simulation Conference (WSC). Management of the Fund allows for (a) providing loans or grants from the Fund to the WSC Board of Directors when the WSC Board makes such requests and the WSCF deems it prudent and wise to do so; (b) allocating assets of the Fund to balance return, risk and liquidity; and (c) accepting donations to the Fund and raising money for the Fund as and when it is deemed appropriate. The WSCF operates independently of the WSC Board of Directors, and is also independent of the annual WSC Committees. The WSCF operates under the parent organization INFORMS.

Everyone in the international simulation community is deeply indebted to the patrons listed below for their unwavering support. In the case of multiple donations from the same individual, corporation or organization, the amounts of the donations are cumulative in terms of determining the category of donation.

Sustaining Patrons ($500 or More)

Anonymous Donations
“In Honor of James Reed Wilson III” (2)
Anonymous Donors (2)
Brad Armstrong (CertainTeed)
Russell Barton (Penn State)
Osman Balci (Virginia Tech)
William E. Biles (University of Louisville)
Justin Boesel (The MITRE Corporation)
Felix Breitenecker (ARGESIM-Vienna University of Technology)
John M. Charnes (The University of Kansas)
Ann Dunkin (Hewlett-Packard Company)
David M. Ferrin (Business Prototyping, Inc.)
John W. Fowler (Arizona State University)
Michael C. Fu (University of Maryland)
Randall Gibson (Automation Associates, Inc.), “In Memory of John S. Carson II”
David Goldsman (Georgia Tech)
Peter and Laura Haas (IBM Corporation)
Raymond Hill (and the entire Dept. of Biomedical, Industrial & Human Factors Engineering, Wright State University)
INFORMS-College on Simulation
Ricki G. Ingalls (Oklahoma State University), “In Memory of John S. Carson II”
Bjorn Johansson (Chalmers University of Technology)
Keebom Kang (Naval Postgraduate School)
W. David Kelton (University of Cincinnati)
Vlad Lewis and Natasha Smith, "In Memory of Peter A. W. Lewis"
Martin Miller (Business Prototyping, Inc.)
Douglas and Deanna Morrice (The University of Texas at Austin)
Richard E. Nance (Virginia Tech)
Barry L. Nelson (Northwestern University)
C. Dennis Pegden (Rockwell Software)
Charles H. Reilly (University of Central Florida)
Roar Simulation, “In Memory of John S. Carson II”
Stephen D. Roberts (North Carolina State University)
Paul J. Sánchez (Naval Postgraduate School)
Susan M. Sanchez (Naval Postgraduate School)
Bruce W. Schmeiser (Purdue University)
Thomas J. Schriber (University of Michigan)
Donna and Lee Schruben (University of California, Berkeley)
Herb Schwetman (Mesquite Software, Inc.)
Leyuan Shi (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Jane L. Snowdon (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)
Jeffrey D. Tew (General Motors Research and Development Center)
Michael R. Taaffe (Virginia Tech)
K. Preston White (University of Virginia)
Frederick P. Wieland (The MITRE Corporation)
James R. Wilson (North Carolina State University)
Enver Yücesan (INSEAD)

Gold Patrons ($250 - $499)

Anonymous Donor
Simaan AbouRizk (University of Alberta)
Athanassios N. Avramidis (University of Montreal)
Martha A. Centeno (Florida International University)
Russell C. H. Cheng (University of Southampton)
Paul Glasserman (Columbia University)
Donald Gross (George Mason University)
Michael E. Kuhl (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Mani Mannivannan (Vector SCM)
Susumu Morito (Waseda University)
Daniel J. Muller (Brooks Automation, Inc.), “In Memory of John S. Carson II”
Kenneth Musselman (MAPICS, Inc.)
Ray J. Paul (and the entire Dept. of Information Systems & Computing, Brunel University)
Michael Pidd (Lancaster University)
Ralph Rogers (East Carolina University)
Robert G. Sargent (Syracuse University)
James J. Swain (The University of Alabama in Huntsville)
Brian Unger (University of Calgary)

Patrons (Any Amount)
Anonymous Donors (5), “In Memory of John S. Carson II” (2)
Jerry Banks (Independent Consultant)
Ken Buxton (Accenture)
Stephen E. Chick (INSEAD)
Chen-Fu Chien (National Tsing Hua University)
Maged M. Dessouky (University of Southern California)
Gerald W. Evans (University of Louisville)
Ken Farnsworth, “In Memory of John S. Carson II”
Philip Heidelberger (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)
Matthew Hobson-Rohrer (Roar Simulation), “In Memory of John S. Carson II”
Joseph C. Hugan (Forward Vision Services)
Lawrence M. Leemis (The College of William & Mary)
Kenneth Main, “In Memory of John S. Carson II”
D. J. Medeiros (The Pennsylvania State University)
David M. Nicol (University of Illinois)
Acácio M.O. Porta Nova (and the entire Dept. of Engineering & Mgt., Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon)
Stephen M. Robinson (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Eric Seeyave, “In Memory of John S. Carson II”
Perwez Shahabuddin (Columbia University)
Charles R. Standridge (Grand Valley State University)
Paul Stevens, “In Memory of John S. Carson II”
Peter Webster, “In Memory of John S. Carson II”
Thomas R. Willemain (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
David H. Withers (Retired)
Silver Patrons ($125 - $249)
Anonymous Donor
Christos Alexopoulos (Georgia Tech)
Sigrún Andradóttir (Georgia Tech)
Farhad Azadivar (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth)
Diane P. Bischak (University of Calgary)
John S. Carson, II (Brooks Automation, Inc.)
Chun-Hung Chen (George Mason University)
E. Jack Chen (BASF Corporation)
Paul A. Fishwick (University of Florida)
Seong-Hee Kim (Georgia Tech)
Averill M. Law (Averill Law & Associates)
Pierre L’Ecuyer (University of Montreal)
Gerald T. Mackulak (Arizona State University)
Julian Reitman (Retired)
Manuel D. Rossetti (University of Arkansas)
Robert E. Shannon (Texas A&M University)
J. D. Selby-Lucas (East Carolina University)
Jeffrey S. Smith (Auburn University)
Pandu Tadikamalla (University of Pittsburgh)
Peter D. Welch (Walpole Software)


In Memory of

Donations have been provided in memory of the following members of our international simulation community to recognize their contributions to the Winter Simulation Conference and their impact on the research and practice of simulation:

John S. Carson II
Peter A. W. Lewis