Purpose and History

The 2001 Winter Simulation Conference was held shortly after the September 11 attacks in Washington and New York. The impact on attendance was substantial, and placed the conference in a financially difficult situation. The WSC Board and our conference managers worked through this crisis, with a number of resulting changes, including the identification of financial responsibility for the sponsoring organizations.

Board members and others looked to establish a fund for protection against possible future financial difficulties. The fund was started in 2003 when the WSC Board of Directors undertook a fund-raising effort that was without precedent in the history of the conference. At the conclusion of this initial fund-raising effort, the WSC Board of Directors appointed an independent group of five trustees for the fund, who organized themselves during 2003-2004 into the WSC Foundation and developed the WSCF By-Laws and Investment Guidelines. The fund was transferred to the control of the WSCF in June of 2004. To maintain nonprofit status without incurring excessive fund management costs, the bylaws were modified in April 2015 to place the fund within the INFORMS organization.

Over the past ten years, the sponsoring organizations have raised the required reserve funds to guarantee financial viability of the Winter Simulation Conference. In 2008 these organizations signed a joint sponsorship agreement providing for ongoing financial viability of the Winter Simulation Conference. As a consequence, the mission of the WSC Foundation was expanded to provide funds to enhance the Conference, supported by continuing donations to the Foundation.


Past Trustees

Past Presidents

Robert G. Sargent, June 2004-2005
W. David Kelton, 2006
Thomas J. Schriber, 2007
James R. Wilson, 2008
Stephen D. Roberts, 2009
Jane L. Snowdon, 2010
Barry Nelson, 2011
Deb Medeiros, 2012
Matt Hobson-Rohrer, 2013
Dave Goldsman, 2014
Tom Jefferson, 2015
Russell Barton, 2016
Ricki Ingalls, 2017
Joe Hugan, 2018
Susan Sanchez, 2019
Seong-Hee Kim, 2020

Past Trustees

Voting Trustees
Richard E. Nance, 2004-2005
Robert G. Sargent, 2004-2006
Bruce W. Schmeiser, 2004-2006
W. David Kelton, 2004-2007
Thomas J. Schriber, 2004-2008
James R. Wilson, 2006-2009
Stephen D. Roberts, 2007-2010
Jane L. Snowdon, 2008-2011
Barry Nelson, 2008-2012
Deb Medeiros, 2009-2013
Matt Hobson-Rohrer, 2010-2014
Dave Goldsman, 2011-2015
Tom Jefferson, 2012-2016
Russell Barton, 2013-2017
Ricki Ingalls, 2014-2018
Joe Hugan, 2015-2019
Susan Sanchez, 2016-2020
Non-Voting Trustees from WSC Board of Directors
James R. Wilson, 2004
K. Preston White, 2005
Barry L. Nelson, 2006
Dave Goldsman, 2007-2009
Susan Sanchez, 2010
Douglas J. Morrice, 2011-2012
John Fowler, 2013
Christos Alexopoulos, 2014-2015
Gordon Shao, 2016
Jeff Joines, 2017-2018
Enver Yucesan, 2019-2020