Best Working Paper Award

The best working paper award is given out annually at the TIMES Business Meeting to the best working paper in technology management, product/process innovation, business model innovation, new product development, and entrepreneurship. A call for this award is posted in the TIMES Connect forum in spring of the same year. You must be a TIMES member to be eligible for this award. Please refer to the call in this link for further information on deadlines and criteria of eligibility. Please contact the TIMES Chair Elect if you have any questions.


First Place: 
Bhavani Shanker Uppari, Serguei Netessine, Ioana Popescu, Rowan Clarke. "Design of Off-Grid Lighting Business Models to Serve the Poor: Field Experiments and Structural Analysis."

Second Place (tied in no particular order):
Kedong Chen, Xiaojin (Jim) Liu, Yuhong Li, Kevin Linderman. "Government Support and Cross-Border Innovation: How does China's Innovative City Policy affect Chinese Firms' Patenting in the U.S.?"
Wei Gu, Meng Li, Shujing Sun. "Tele-Follow-Up and Outpatient Care"

Finalists (tied in no particular order):

Konstantinos Stouras, Sanjiv Erat, Kenneth Lichtendahl Jr. "Dueling Contests and Platform’s Coordinating Role"

Luyi Yang, Chen Jin, and Zhen Shao "Help and Haggle: Boosting Social Reach Through Randomized, Adaptive, All-or-Nothing Discounts"


First Place: 
Jochen Schlapp and Gerrit Schumacher. Delegated Concept Testing in New Product Development

Second Place: 
Park Sinchaisr, Hamsa Bastani and Osbert Bastani. Learning Best Practices: Can Machine Learning Improve Human Decision-Making?
Sidika Tunc Candogan, Philipp Cornelius, Bilal Gokpinar, Ersin Korpeoglu and Christopher S. Tang. Product Development in Crowdfunding: Theoretical and Empirical Analysis

Third Place: 
Nil Karacaoglu and Keja Hu. WeStore or AppStore: Customer Behavior Differences in Mobile Apps and Social Commerce


First Place: 
Sidika Tunc Candogan, Gizem Korpeoglu, Chris Tang. Team Collaboration in Innovation Contests

Second Place: 
Ming Hu, Yao Cui, Jingchen Liu. Values of Traceability in Supply Chains


First Place: 
Wang, X., S.-H. Cho, A. Scheller-Wolf Green. Technology Development and Adoption: Competition, Regulation, and Uncertainty-A Global Game Approach

Second Place: 
Agrawal, V., B. Toktay, S. Yucel. Non-Ownership Business Models for Solar Energy

Finalists (tied in no particular order):

Singh, S., C. Kemerer, N. Ramasubbu. Dominant Design in Complex Assembled Digital Products: A Longitudinal Analysis of Television Components

Bhaskaran, S., S. Erzurumlu, K. Ramachandran. Sequential Product Development and Introduction by Cash-constrained Start-ups

van Angeren, J., A. Karunakaran. Impact of Platform Venture Capital Investments on the Introduction and Withdrawal of Complementary Products


First Place: 

Panos Markou, Stelios Kavadias and Nektarios Oraiopoulos. Project Selection and Success in the Drug Development Process

Second Place: 
Ersin Korpeoglu, C. Gizem Korpeoglu and Isa Emin Hafalir. Contest among Contest Organizers


Finalists (tied in no particular order):

Tian Chan, Jurgen Mihm, Manuel Sosa. Revisiting the Role of Collaboration in Creating Breakthrough Inventions

Jiri Chod, Nikolaos Trichakis, Gerry Tsoukalas, Mark Weber. Blockchain and The Value of Operational Transparency for Supply Chain Finance

Morvarid Rahmani and Karthik Ramachandran. The Effect of Flexibility in Delegating Innovation