Best Paper Award

Best Paper Award

This award was first given in 2012. We appreciate the efforts of Professor Erica Fuchs, who suggested this award, developed the process, and made it a reality. The INFORMS TIMES leadership chose a system in which the best papers for the annual competition would be narrowed down for the competition to the top-five papers by citation from five years earlier (so for 2012, papers published in 2007 were considered). The top paper and two additional finalists would then be selected by a panel of senior leaders in the TIMES field.

2017 Best Paper Award Winner
Boudreau, Kevin. 2012. Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom? An Early Look at Large Numbers of Software App Developers and Patterns of Innovation.  Organization Science   23(5), 1409-1427

Best Paper Award Runner-up

Tambe P., Hitt L. and Brynjolfsson E. 2012  The Extroverted Firm: How External Information Practices Affect Innovation and Productivity.  Management Science, 58(5), 843-859.

Tortoriello M, Reagans R. and Mceviy B.  2012.   Bridging the Knowledge Gap: The Influence of Strong Ties, Network Cohesion, and Network Range on the Transfer of Knowledge between Organizational Units. Organization Science, 23(4), 1024-1039

2016 Best Paper Award Winner

Baldwin, Carliss, and Eric von Hippel. "Modeling a paradigm shift: From producer innovation to user and open collaborative innovation." Organization Science 22.6 (2011): 1399 -1417.

Best Paper Award Runner‐up
Boudreau, Kevin J., Nicola Lacetera, and Karim R. Lakhani. "Incentives and problem uncertainty in innovation contests: An empirical analysis." Management Science 57.5 (2011): 843-863

2015 Best Paper Award Winner
Elfenbein, Daniel W., Barton H. Hamilton, and Todd R. Zenger. “The small firm effect and the entrepreneurial spawning of scientists and engineers,” Management Science, 56.4 (2010), pp. 659-681.

Best Paper Award Runner‐up
Singh, Jasjit, and Lee Fleming. “Lone inventors as sources of breakthroughs: Myth or reality?” Management Science, 56.1 (2010), pp. 41-56.

2014 Best Paper Award Winner
Marx, Matt, D. Strumsky, and L. Fleming. "Mobility, skills, and the Michigan non-compete experiment." Management Science, 55.6 (2009), pp. 875–889

Best Paper Award Runner‐up
Andriopoulos, Constantine, and M. W. Lewis. "Exploitation-exploration tensions and organizational ambidexterity: Managing paradoxes of innovation." Organization Science, 20.4 (2008), pp. 696–717.

2013 Best Paper Award Winner
Nicolaou, Nicos, S. Shane, L. Cherkas, J. Hunkin, T. D. Spector. "Is the tendency to engage in entrepreneurship genetic?" Management Science, 54.1 (2008), pp. 167–179.

Best Paper Award Runner‐up
Gans, Joshua, D. Hsu, S. Stern. "The impact of uncertain intellectual property rights on the market for ideas: Evidence from patent grant delays." Management Science, 54.5 (2008), pp. 982–999.

2012 Best Paper Award Winner:

Schilling, Melissa A, and CC Phelps, "Interfirm collaboration networks: The impact of large-scale network structure on firm innovation," Management Science, 53.7 (2007), p. 1113-1126

Finalists (tied - in no particular order)

S Klepper, "Disagreements, spinoffs, and the evolution of Detroit as the capital of the US automobile industry," Management Science, 53.4 (2007), p 626-631

L Fleming and DW Waguespack, "Brokerage, boundary spanning, and leadership in open innovation communities," Organization Science, 18.2 (2007), p. 165-180