Enroll as a Mentee

Registration is now closed for the fall session of the Mentor Match program.
Registration for the spring 2024 session will open in March.

Why be a Mentee?

Embarking on your professional development journey might seem like a daunting task. However, there’s a solution to make the journey much smoother and more successful – and that’s having a mentor by your side. Imagine having someone to assist in shaping your goals and acquiring invaluable skills through personalized guidance. The idea of finding a mentor might be a bit overwhelming, but the INFORMS Mentor Match Program is designed to make the process easy for our members.

  • Participation in the program offers:
  • Real life lessons for a successful career in OR/MS
  • Improved communication skills through meaningful interactions
  • Valuable professional networking skills
  • Encouragement and individually tailored advice

Enroll as a Mentee: Make selections for each of the demographics to set your preferences. Please note that some fields are required for Mentee enrollment.