About the Korea Chapter

About the Korea Chapter

Mission Statement

The Chapter is a multidisciplinary, international organization dedicated to the sharing of knowledge and information in operations research and management sciences for the scientific research and business practice. The Chapter enhances intellectual development through teaching and research, and seeks to serve current and potential needs of local and global business environments.

In order to fulfill this mission, the Chapter will promote the dissemination and enrichment of knowledge and information in the multiple and diverse disciplines of the operations research and management sciences through the related services.

The Chapter’s Features

The Chapter provides an intellectual group with research findings and practices on the state of the art in operations research and management sciences, focusing on the emerging topics across discipline areas. The Chapter pursues all members to acknowledge a new paradigm about the virtual business environment of the future through web-based meetings, publications, and other related services.

Potential Services

Intellectual activities for business environment improvement by studying the emerging topics across the business disciplines

Cyber communities of sharing knowledge and information of research finding and business practices

Open knowledge sources by more realistic and applicable media for future needs of academe and industry