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Fun Post - Ice Cream!

  • 1.  Fun Post - Ice Cream!

    Posted 07-28-2022 19:08
    What's better on a hot summer afternoon than ice-cream? What's your favorite flavor? Mine would be anything with peanut butter.

    Jill Capello
    Membership Associate
    Catonsville MD

  • 2.  RE: Fun Post - Ice Cream!

    Posted 07-29-2022 07:20
    My favorite is coffee ice cream!

    If you are ever in Delaware, check out this place. It's a must stop for my family on the way home from the beach.

    Beth West
    Community Relations Coordinator

  • 3.  RE: Fun Post - Ice Cream!

    Posted 07-29-2022 07:38
    Oh, this is tough.  So many options to choose, as my favorites are dependent on my mood.  But I will go with my first favorite -- Friendly's Black Raspberry.  When I was little I called it "purple ice cream."

    Christy Blevins
    Catonsville MD

  • 4.  RE: Fun Post - Ice Cream!

    Posted 07-30-2022 15:29
    Yes!  Grew up loving Friendly's Black Raspberry.

    Nicholas Ulmer
    Supply Officer
    United States Navy
    Pacific Grove

  • 5.  RE: Fun Post - Ice Cream!

    Posted 07-31-2022 09:52
    My answer has two parts.  When I was small, we used to go to the Jersey shore at Ocean City. There was an ice cream place in Somers Point, and it had my favorite at the time, blueberry, homemade.  One time I ordered the triple dip.  I ate the whole thing, and was sick for a couple of days after.  It was delicious!

    In later life I found my favorite at Thrifty Drug in Arizona, a chain that had Coconut ice cream.  That was the best. I don't think the Thrifty Drug chain even exists anymore, let alone ice cream served with a dipper from a case in a drug store.  How far we have fallen.

    Bruce Hartman
    University of St Francis and Califormia State University Maritime
    Tucson, AZ United States

  • 6.  RE: Fun Post - Ice Cream!

    Posted 07-29-2022 09:55
    Edited by George Freestone 07-29-2022 09:56
    Coffee, followed quickly by Mint Chocolate Chip or Coconut.  A few years back we checked out this location in San Francisco, now closed I think:  However, the franchise has a few other locations.  Honestly, would provide mixed reviews - and a little light on maintaining an ice cream focus, BUT they offered many interesting ice cream treats at their ice cream bar.

    George Freestone
    Roundtable Lifetime Member
    Wyomissing PA

  • 7.  RE: Fun Post - Ice Cream!

    Posted 07-29-2022 10:15
    Mint chocolate chip, hands down.

    Paul Rubin
    Professor Emeritus
    Michigan State University
    East Lansing MI

  • 8.  RE: Fun Post - Ice Cream!

    Posted 08-01-2022 08:48
    I am Team Mint Chocolate Chip! You either love it or hate it :D

    Kara Tucker
    Editor, OR/MS Today
    Catonsville MD

  • 9.  RE: Fun Post - Ice Cream!

    Posted 08-01-2022 08:38
    As a youngster I spent many a summer vacation with my family at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia. One of the unique things there is -- wait for it -- muscadine ice cream. It is one of those things that you either really like it or you don't. I make the occasional trip back there and always stop to have some ice cream. It brings back some great memories!

    James Moore
    Data Analyst
    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama
    Birmingham AL

  • 10.  RE: Fun Post - Ice Cream!

    Posted 08-01-2022 09:38
    I love chocolate and mango!
    I do like to try rare, fun, unique flavor such as black seasame, chili (surprisingly tastes good), taro, durian...... I know that some Trader Joe's has taro ice cream~

    Xiaonan Shang
    Lead Data Analyst
    Enovation Controls
    Jenks OK

  • 11.  RE: Fun Post - Ice Cream!

    Posted 08-01-2022 10:35
    Wow, so many choices!!! If I had to pick 1 it's gotta be chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream! Followed by salted caramel from Rehoboth Beach board, as a close second!

    Alicia Bridges
    Member, Minority Issues Forum
    Member, Women in ORMS
    Industry Liaison, INFORMS Military and Security Society

  • 12.  RE: Fun Post - Ice Cream!

    Posted 08-02-2022 00:52
    Teaberry ice cream! IYKYK

    Judy Clapp
    Certification Administrator
    Catonsville MD

  • 13.  RE: Fun Post - Ice Cream!

    Posted 08-02-2022 01:35
    My favorite would be mint-chocolate all the way. Anyone on Team-Mint with me?

    Hyunju Jeon

  • 14.  RE: Fun Post - Ice Cream!

    Posted 08-02-2022 09:58
    @Hyunju Jeon, I am Team Mint! The rest of my family doesn't like it, so I buy other flavors to have at home. But when I go out, my choice is Mint Chocolate Chip!​

    Tracy Cahall
    Member Engagement Manager