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INFORMS Goes to Washington: Date, Venue and Format

  • 1.  INFORMS Goes to Washington: Date, Venue and Format

    Posted 02-21-2018 15:53

    Following my discussion of 2/20 on Connect, "INFORMS Goes to Washington: Policy Days and Advocacy", I received numerous enthusiastic and supportive comments and suggestions from members. Thanks, everyone!

    Here is an introduction to the 2018 Policy Day Committee in more detail. The Committee Chair is Laura Albert (U. of Wisconsin-Madison; Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Outreach). Serving with Laura are Jeff Cohen (INFORMS Director of Public Affairs and Marketing), Brian Denton (U. of Michigan; 2017 President), Ramayya Krishnan (Carnegie Mellon U.; 2019 President), Melissa Moore (INFORMS Executive Director), and myself. Jeff also has the important role of liaison with our outstanding Washington-based consultants, Signal Group. 

    Following is an update on the details for INFORMS Policy Day 2018, as they have evolved so far.

    Date: Monday, May 21, 2018.

    Venue: Top of the Hill Conference Center, which is a one minute walk from the Capitol steps.


    1. Introduction and welcome by INFORMS leadership.
    2. Keynote addresses by two high profile speakers who are knowledgeable about INFORMS' policy contributions.
    3. Three concurrent panels on high value topics selected with the help of Signal Group: modernizing transportation, healthcare, and national security. Within each topic, Signal Group has further suggested six or seven sub-topics.
    4. Various networking events, including a catered lunch.

    Further information, including our process for selecting sub-topics for the panels and inviting panelists, will be provided by Laura on behalf of the Committee.

    In addition, Jeff will develop an INFORMS website that will contain updated information as it evolves.

    As a small cautionary note, this is INFORMS' first attempt at such an event, and even with the help of our expert consultants we do not expect everything to go perfectly. Nonetheless, we will learn from the process for the 2019 and 2020 Policy Day events, at which time we will also explore other high value topics besides the three mentioned above.

    The Policy Day event should be viewed within the context of our broader Awareness initiative, as described in my discussion of 2/20 on Connect and also in the forthcoming January / February issue of OR/MS Today.

    Once again, thank you for your support for this exciting activity under INFORMS' 2018 Visibility initiative!



    Nicholas G. Hall
    INFORMS President 2018

    Fisher College of Business Distinguished Professor,
    The Ohio State University