Five Benefits Of A Toll Free Number

By James Mellor posted 01-27-2020 12:34


Your company should invest in a toll free listing that allows customers to reach you at any time. Your customers can contact you at any time, and they can save these numbers in their phones. The five tips below will help you with business management.

  1. Toll Free Numbers Are Easy To Market

A toll free number should be used in all your marketing. You can market your phone number in TV and radio ads. You can list your number on your website, or you could list the number on social media. You can share your phone number with customers when they come into your store, or you might list the number on your receipts.

  1. Your Number Might Be The Name Of Your Website

You could turn your number into the name of your website. In fact, the number could be something that becomes synonymous with the name of your company. You might want to use the number like the name of your company, and the name of your website is easy to remember because customers have heard the number on radio or TV ads. You can drive traffic to your website using one phone number, and you do not need to create additional marketing ideas.

  1. Your Number Can Spell The Name Of Your Company

Your phone number can spell the name of your company. Spelling the name of your company makes your phone number even more effective as a marketing tool. Plus, your customers can dial these numbers without any issue. Also, your customers do not need to worry about dialing a wrong number.

You may be familiar with someone who has a phone number close to a local business’ number. That person gets wrong number calls all the time, and it can be frustrating. If customers call a local number only to get the wrong person, they might give up because they think your business is closed.

  1. Customers Can Remember Toll Free Listings

Customers can remember a toll free listing because the American public is accustomed to hearing these numbers. Your customers will remember the number if they saw it on a billboard or the side of a truck. Plus, these numbers are easy to scribble on a piece of paper if customers are seeing it for the first time.

When you market your company using your phone number, you could turn the number into a jingle that anyone can remember.

  1. You Can Use An Automated System With Toll Free Listings

A toll free phone number should be used with an automated system. The automated system will pick up the calls, lead your customers through the phone system, and give your customers the service they need. You do not need to pick up the phone, and your customers do not expect you to pick up the phone. Your customers can get service easily, and they will not be frustrated if they need to leave you a message.


The toll free number you get for your company will change how you manage your business. You can market your business using these numbers, and you can even spell the name of your company with the number. Customers can remember these numbers, and they will not call wrong numbers because you have removed local area codes.

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