Application Form  

One can join the section by calling (800) 446-3676 or by printing and then mailing the application form to the address listed.

The dues rates for the Social Media Analytics Section in 2014 are set at $10 for INFORMS members, $6 for INFORMS student or retired members, and $15 for non-members of INFORMS.


  • INFORMS members can receive a single section membership for free.
  • To promote communication between sections, every section and society can designate a single person to receive a membership in our section for free.

Why Join?

Every now and then there is a singular opportunity to get involved with something new and exciting at its creation and to shape it into something great.  I believe becoming a member of this INFORMS subdivision is such an opportunity.  INFORMS is uniquely positioned to be a central hub for Social Media Analytics as an organization which brings together over 10,000 members who are technical strong, who representing the best in the world in a number of diversity fields, and whose interests range from pursuing pure theory to pursuing the applied, with many doing both.

The members will guide the direction of this subdivision.  However, it is easy to imagine it will:

  • Promote technical ideas at the National meeting with a large cluster of talks,
  • Be a source of social media papers and data for members contribute as well as to use,
  • Be a community to help find both like-minded members as well as members interested in social media but from a vantage point with complements one’s own,
  • Help members recruit or be recruited for employment opportunities.

Les Servi
Founding Chair
Social Media Analytics Subdivision