The INFORMS Revenue Management and Pricing Section Practice Award

2014 Prize Winner:

Rue La La and Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The RM&P Section Practice Award recognizes outstanding applications of revenue management and pricing techniques. As in previous years, the 1st-prize winner was selected based on impact, originality, and technical merit.

Recognizing the outstanding effort of an interdisciplinary team comprised of both practitioners and academics, the 2014 Prize has been presented to the Rue La La Company and Massachusetts Institute of Technology for their joint submission "Analytics for an Online Retailer: Demand Forecasting and Price Optimization."

The team members are Murali Narayanaswamy, VP Pricing and Operations Strategy, Rue La La; Philip Roizin, Chief Financial Officer, Rue La La; Jonathan Waggoner, Chief Operating Officer, Rue La La; Kris Johnson, Operations Research Center, MIT; Bin Hong Alex Lee, Engineering Systems Division, MIT; and David Simchi-Levi, Engineering Systems Division, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and the Operations Research Center, MIT.

The prize was awarded at the 2014 INFORMS Revenue Management and Pricing Section conference, held on June 4-6, 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey.
The prize selection committee included Anton Kleywegt, Ron Menich, and Pelin Pekgun.

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