2020 RAS Cluster

The INFORMS Annual Meeting is one of the world's largest gatherings of Management Science, Operations Research, and Operations Management professionals and academics from all disciplines. The meeting typically runs for four or more days, and attendance regularly exceeds five thousand individuals.

Call for Presentations

Railway Application Section (RAS) is looking for presentations for the 2020 INFORMS Annual Meeting in Washington D.C., USA (http://meetings2.informs.org/wordpress/nationalharbor2020/). If you wish to present your research, please contact the session chairs directly.


Optimization for freight railroad planning - Ken Kenjale (GE/Wabtec), ken.kenjale@wabtec.com

Resource management - Dharma Acharya (GE/Wabtec), dharma.acharya@Wabtec.com

Real-time rescheduling in metro and railway networks - Shuai Su (BJTU), shuaisu@bjtu.edu.cn

Machine Learning in railroad transportation - Nikola Besinovic (TU Delft), n.besinovic@tudelft.nl

Intermodal transportation - Steve Tyber (GE/Wabtec), Steve.Tyber@wabtec.com

Resilient transportation - Pierre Hosteins (Univ. Gustave Eiffel), pierre.hosteins@ifsttar.fr

Yards and terminals - Tyler Dick (UIUC), ctdick@illinois.edu

Regulatory and market changes in rail (presentation and discussion) - Daniel Windle (Trinity), Daniel.Windle@trin.net


In addition, you are welcome to contribute to:

Interactive session (showcases rail applications and tools) - Clark Cheng (NS), clark.cheng@nscorp.com

Poster Session (includes the Best poster award) - Kiran Chahar (NS), Kiran.Chahar3@nscorp.com


Please contact the appropriate session chair by 1 May 2020 for presentations and 1 July for posters.


Whether you have any questions or a presentation that does not fit to any of the given topics, please contact RAS cluster chairs.


We look forward to seeing you in November!


Best regards,
RAS 2020 Culster Chairs

Nikola Bešinović (n.besinovic@tudelft.nl)

Kiran Chahar (Kiran.Chahar3@nscorp.com)

Alexander Lovett (ahlovett@up.com)

Daniel Windle (Daniel.Windle@trin.net)

In addition, RAS hosts several competitions whose prizes will be awarded at the Annual Meeting.  

2020 Student Paper Competition 

2020 Problem Solving Competition 

2019 RAS Poster Session