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Tips and Techniques for Structuring Your Academic Essay

Academic essays require the students to take on the subject matter and answer the essay prompt with optimal essay structure, style, and content. In your early academic years, you write your essays in the classic 5 paragraph essay to allow you free reign to develop your critical, analytical, and evaluative thinking and writing skills.  However, with the advancing grades, the students are required to build their understanding of the essay structure. Students who fail to improve upon the essay structure end up asking others ‘help write my essay,’ especially when they step into a college education and attempt at the higher levels of academic writing with the rigid writing structure taught to them at school.

In college-level writing, students should orient the essay according to the content. There are various tips and techniques that you should know about structuring your essay. Learning from other students, reading high graded academic write-ups, and doing your research are several ways you can improve your writing structure.

Do away with the 5-paragraphs essay structure

The higher the level of the subject matter, the more complex and in-depth your essay needs to be. To allow yourself the freedom to touch upon all topics, you will need to add paragraphs according to the claims, ideas, or arguments in your online essay writer

Where in the 5-paragraphs essay, you have to arrange your thoughts and content such that you present your answer in a lengthy small number of body paragraphs. This structure also forces the writers to come up with the points and arguments that are already out there and lose the points and arguments that might be less significant but are novel.

Arrange your essay content optimally

It is tempting to dive into the essay writing with the first idea that pops in your mind. You should arrange the essay content and the paragraphs to allow the reader to go through the most important points first, leaving the weaker points and arguments for the last. Many writers tend to place the novel ideas and arguments first so that the writer gives them their most attention.

Planning and outlining your writing during the research and brainstorming phase will help you arrange your ideas and content according to their merit. 

Lead the reader from the know to the unknown

When structuring the paragraphs, it helps the reader to go from what they know to what is new to them. Essay writing service technique allows them to connect the original idea to the already established ones. It helps them find context for the information and gets them in a better position to understand them by connecting ideas with each other. 

The more complex and complicated the idea or arguments, the more work you will have to put into making the information palatable. 

Make sure to use the transition words and sentences

The information shouldn’t come catchy to the reader. It should smoothly flow from one part to the next. You can do away with a lack of flow both within the paragraphs and in between them by making sure that you use transition words and sentences in your writing. 

Within the paragraph, it is helpful to use the various conjunctions and conjunctive adverbs to show the contrast and cause-effect relationships between the sentences. However, overusing these transition words can also look bad on your overall writing. Students tend to overuse these connecting words when their text has a weak logical structure. Inducing a consistent flow in your essay writer will help you do away with most of the transition words.   

For a better flow between the paragraphs, try to end each part by alluding to the upcoming topic or idea.

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