Game Theory for Business Course

Starts:  May 10, 2022 20:00 (ET)
Ends:  May 19, 2022 21:30 (ET)

A Primer in Strategic Gaming

Instructor: Paul Papayoanou, Ph.D., Senior Advisor – Game Theory Specialist, Decision Frameworks

Companies are regularly interacting with other companies, and need to decide whether to compete or cooperate with others and how to do so. Game theory is the leading approach for tackling such issues, and this class is designed to help students understand how to apply game theory to business situations with influence issues—e.g., negotiations, strategic alliances, competitive risk. Students will learn basic principles and techniques of game theory and understand how to diagnose game situations and apply game theory practically.

This classroom-style course will be focused on realistic applications and practices in applying game theory approaches to business situations.