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WELL INFORMED PhD Student Group Deadline extended to March 23rd 11:59pm

  • 1.  WELL INFORMED PhD Student Group Deadline extended to March 23rd 11:59pm

    Posted 03-16-2023 11:58
    Edited by Jessye Talley 03-16-2023 11:59

    Dear Colleagues,

    This is an invitation to join the PhD Wellness Group "Well Informed".

    Well Informed is sponsored by INFORMS DEIC Ambassador Program and will provide wellness intervention and student support to doctoral students from underrepresented minority groups through monthly online workshops, mentorship, and an in-person wellness mini wellness retreat and activities at the annual Informs conference.  Students will be provided various opportunities to learn new wellness techniques and skills that promote self-care, coping, the release of negative beliefs, overcoming imposter syndrome and building internal drive, and moving forward through the process while navigating roadblocks and pitfalls. At the end of the year-long program, participants will 1) Expand their community of support through networking and peer engagement; 2) Increase their mental health and wellness capacity; 3) Be equipped with professional and self-care skills and advance  professional development and networking through seminars and collaboration among participants

    Monthly virtual workshops or Wellness check-in groups will occur and a mini-wellness session for all group members participating in the 2023 INFORMS Annual Meeting.   This will allow participants to meet in person and connect and debrief. This group is open to all minority PhD students whether its your first year or 3+ come and be well.

    The primary contacts are


    Jessye Talley, PhD, Assistant Professor

    Orissa Massey, PhD, Integrative Wellness Specialist


    We invite all Minority Doctoral Students to apply to be a part of the Well Informed community via the link:


    The deadline to complete the application is March 23rd, 2023.



    Jessye Talley
    Assistant Professor
    Morgan State University
    Baltimore MD