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Luk Van Wassenhove Career Award 2024 - Call for Nominations

  • 1.  Luk Van Wassenhove Career Award 2024 - Call for Nominations

    Posted 17 days ago
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    Luk Van Wassenhove Career Award 2024 – EURO HOpe

    Professor Luk Van Wassenhove is a pioneer scholar in humanitarian operations. He strives to close the loop between theory and practice by: (i) finding relevant problems in the practice of humanitarian operations, (ii) using rigorous research methods to gain insights on these problems, (iii) publishing his findings in peer-reviewed outlets, pedagogical case studies and other publications, and (iv) giving back to practice through implementable recommendations. Luk is also very generous with his time and contributes actively to strengthening the research community.

    To honor Professor Van Wassenhove's commitment to relevant research in humanitarian operations as well as his commitment to his coauthors, students, and the academic community, this award will be based on three criteria:

    • Closing the loop: Nominations should demonstrate how the candidate's research has addressed items (i) to (iv) above. Giving back to practice with implementable recommendations is particularly important. Nominations should include a letter that comments on giving back to practice. Letters from practitioners are encouraged.
    • Generosity: Nominations should include two names the award committee can contact for reference.
    • Service: Nominations should include service the candidate has done to the humanitarian operations academic community in different roles, which range from editorial to administrative. 

    Because excelling at the three criteria described above takes time, nominated candidates for this award should have finished their PhD more than seven years ago at the time of application. 

    The application package should include:

    ·      A one-page nomination letter addressing the three criteria included above. Self-nominations are allowed

    ·      A list of representative publications in the area of humanitarian operations: this includes peer-reviewed articles, managerial articles, case studies, and so on

    EURO HOpe has appointed a committee to select the winner. This award is delivered every year and announced at the EURO HOpe meeting. The winner receives a plaque as a recognition. 

    The deadline for submitting the nominations is July 31, 2024. Please submit your nominations by email, including in your message all the members of the committee:

    Gyöngyi Kovacs:

    Alfonso Pedraza-Martinez:

    Burcu Balçık:

    Alfonso Pedraza-Martinez
    University of Notre Dame
    Notre Dame IN