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  • 1.  Fun Post - Vinyl Records

    Posted 08-12-2022 07:27
    Today is National Vinyl Record Day. Do you remember the first vinyl record that you bought? (We'll expand the question to cassette tapes, CD's, etc...) This will show my age, but mine was KISS Alive II and I still have it. I don't have anything to play it on, but I still have the album.

    Jill Capello
    Membership Associate
    Catonsville MD

  • 2.  RE: Fun Post - Vinyl Records

    Posted 08-12-2022 07:43
    Ah, I get to show my age here. The first vinyl I remember receiving was Michael Jackson's Thriller. I was in elementary school and my mom bought it for me for 5th grade graduation. The first vinyl I remember buying for myself, was The Cure's Standing on a Beach. I gave them both to my sister who has a very impressive collection of vinyl albums.

    Beth West
    Senior Community Relations Coordinator

  • 3.  RE: Fun Post - Vinyl Records

    Posted 08-13-2022 09:47
    I remember buying one of the very first stereo records. It was the 'Dukes of Dixieland' playing dixieland classics. You can still buy it as a cd on Amazon.

    My father had induced me to build a set of stereo amps and he built stereo speaker cabinets for our house.  It was one of the first stereo sound systems I'd ever seen. In those days nothing was stereo.  I played the record a lot looking for the difference between it and regular LPs which were not stereo.  There was another vinyl record that had a train rushing from left to right, designed to show how stereo sound captured location. 

    Now of course all sound is multichannel and concert halls are carefully designed by computers, with massive digital sound systems to make each location have better listening.  How things change.

    Bruce Hartman
    University of St. Francis and Califormia State University Maritime
    Tucson, AZ United States

  • 4.  RE: Fun Post - Vinyl Records

    Posted 08-13-2022 10:21
    Not mine, but first I remember being purchased in the family.  1966. My father was on a carrier in the Med so my parents took us over to live in an Army post in Italy and meet the ship at ports. My cousin Gail came to babysit/Au Pair for us. For her birthday, my mother bought Gail  a small record player and one album - Sounds of Silence. That was it. No TV, few toys, one record, in the entire house. We must have listened to that album 30 times a day for the next 6 months.

    It could have been worse. It could have been Herman's Hermits.

    Kenneth Schultz
    Englewood OH