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Free to download recently released FIVE (5) Digital Transformation research papers

  • 1.  Free to download recently released FIVE (5) Digital Transformation research papers

    Posted 23 days ago

    Digital Transformation and Society, an Open Access Journal, No Article Processing Charge, Fast-review Process (less than 60 days): you can access our earlycite (online first) to download them for free


    Digital Transformation and Society publishes innovative and original papers on all topics related to digital technology, development, and transformation in business and society, promoting work that crosses technical, business, social, and other disciplinary boundaries. It is the primary forum for presenting new theories and new empirical results in the emerging, interdisciplinary field of digital transformation and society, incorporating research, education, and practice. It aims to present empirical, modelling, and theoretical studies of business and society digitalization and transformation. Topics covered include but are not limited to the following:


    Theory and Fundamentals

    1. The Theory and Development of Digital Transformation and Society
    2. Values and Impacts of Digital Transformation
    3. Digitality and Intangibility
    4. Digital Transformation and Intellectual Property
    5. Digital Identify, Trust, Security, and Privacy
    6. Governance, Regulations, and Policies

    Business and Organization Transformation

    1. Digital Transformation in Business
    2. Digital Transformation in Organizations
    3. Service Digitalization
    4. Industry Digitalization
    5. Digital Logistics and Supply Chain

    Society Transformation

    1. Digital Arts and Life
    2. Digital Citizenship
    3. Digital Transformation in Cultural Institutions
    4. Digital Transformation and Cultural Change
    5. Digital Literacy and Societal Engagement
    6. Digital Community and Urban Development and Sustainability
    7. Digital Divide and Societal Challenges

    Platforms and Technology

    1. Blockchain
    2. Digital Twin Technology
    3. Metaverse and Immersive Technology
    4. Data, Systems, and Society
    5. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Analytics in Digitalization
    6. Platformization and Digital Transformation

    Applications and Trends

    1. Digital Economy
    2. Digital Healthcare
    3. Digital Currency and FinTech
    4. Digital and Smart City
    5. Digital Education and Workforce
    6. The Future of Work, Life, and Society

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    Penn State (The Pennsylvania State University)